Movies To Watch For A Self-Care Girls Night In

May 27, 2021
Image of a side table with two wine glasses that say cheers and a TV remote

As some of you may already know, May is Mental Health Awareness Month. There are so many ways we can promote awareness around mental health and advocate for it, one of which we often blog about and are huge proponents of is self- care! Being that it is Mental Health Awareness Month and given the nature of our blog, we are dedicating this month’s entertainment to movies you can watch with your besties for a self- care type of girl’s night in full of laughter! What better way to take care of you than to have a comfy night in with your favs, relaxing, watching some funny lighthearted movies?! No matter our moods prior to a girl’s night, having a night in with those we love filled with endless laughs, mindless binge watch seshes, and good food always helps our mood and re-energizes us.  We also are huge proponents of using comedy to help boost our moods as it personally has helped the two of us a lot, so comedy is always our go to choice for these particular nights.  So, whether it be a girl’s night in with mom, your sister or bestie(s) grab the snacks and check out this list to find some of our fav movies that we have watched together that have had the ability to give us enough laughter and entertainment to provide us with the self -care night that we needed!  Enjoy and as always happy self- care y’all!

Our Five Favorite Movies To Watch For Girls Night In: 

  1. Booksmart – While there is some comparison among critics that this is the female version of Superbad, those critics are not doing this film justice. The premise of the film may seem similar to Superbad, with two high school graduates wanting to party after feeling that they missed out on a social life for most of high school, but this is a very original film with lots of LOL moments seen through a feminist lens all the while still remaining a raunchy teen film. So, for those of you who appreciate a quality comedy film that is a change from Hollywood’s stereotypical filtered portrayal of women and female friendships then this is the film for you to watch on your self -care girl’s night in!  Where to Watch: Hulu
  2. The Other Women – We love this movie and have watched it many times for our girl’s night! While this entire film is centered around three women getting back at their mutual cheating ex—it’s a fun one to watch as these very different women end up finding friendship out of this very unfortunate circumstance!  Watching the lengths that they go to to get back at this ex is hilarious but also may seem contradictory to our whole “watch this feminist movie” comment up above but what can we say, we always enjoy this film and appreciate all it’s crazy moments that provide us with the laughs and lightheartedness we need for a night in!  Where to Watch: Amazon prime
  3. Girls Trip – Ironically, we did go see this movie during a girl’s trip—but this particular girls trip we had was WAY less hype, but we appreciated this entertaining film as it allowed us to vicariously live through this crazy girl’s weekend trip to New Orleans filled with plenty of adventure and misadventure, all from the comfort of the air-conditioned movie theatre with a tub of popcorn right next to us. If you too could use some  stories and adventure but from the comfort of your home with your bestie then look no further and go watch this talented cast of actresses and comedians in Girl’s Trip! Where to Watch: Amazon Prime
  4. Sex and the City (the first one) — This feels very relevant with the news of a Sex and the City revival (YAY!) so now is the perfect time to go back and re-watch it and get hyped for the revival. This series will always help you appreciate your friendships and inspire you to find that tight knit group of besties that will agree to live in the same city throughout the majority of your adulthood and meet up for Sunday brunch, long after your boozy Sunday Funday brunches fade out, to still sit down over a mimosa and gossip and catch up on the latest crazy stories each other has (or at least that’s how we feel after watching these women). Also, it’ll give you the inspo to find, keep, or better yet be the Samantha of the friend group to always remind each other to be and have fun and not give too many f’s!  Where to Watch: Hulu
  5. Clueless – How could this not make the list?! The only complaint we have about this amazing iconic movie is that we honestly wish we saw more of Cher and Dionne’s friendship because they were just like the coolest best friends you wish you could have had growing up or could have been invited to hang out with. Between their style, confidence and just utter cluelessness to the world around them and always doing their own thing- they are exactly what we all wished our high school experience had been like. Sidenote– can we just say with all the crazy 90s fashion trends coming back, and we mean crazy in the best way possible, why is it that clueless style has yet to make a reappearance?! Not saying that we could even remotely pull off the skirt and knee-high socks like Cher and Dionne do but like it’s just so unique that we would appreciate that sense of feeling like every day Is Halloween putting on clueless costume. Where to Watch: Amazon Prime