Self-Care Winter Ideas

January 11, 2023

While I have certainly reaped the benefits of winters down South, I can highly empathize with those who are going through a cold winter season, having spent 26 years living up North. Oftentimes, I would find the end of January and mid-February to be the most challenging with the coldest of days in that time frame and very few celebrations that got people out and together to socialize. It took me a while to learn but eventually, I found self-care practices for the winter season that helped me get through the darkest of winter days.  So, whether you live in the cold or you just need an extra pick-me-up to get you through the post holiday lull, here are some winter self-care ideas for you to consider practicing this winter!


Self-Care Winter Ideas 

Vitamin D 

It is necessary to get Vitamin D for our health. Getting out for a walk or getting just a few minutes of sunshine can make a difference, especially early on in the morning to help regulate your sleep cycle. Talk to your doctor about Vitamin D supplements to see if they would benefit your health. 


Light Therapy

This was something that I was introduced to when I was living in chilly Michigan for my formative college years. While we would rather have natural sunlight, there are devices out there to help deal with the lack of light during the winter months. Make sure to research brands and talk to a doctor to see what’s best for you. Check out this affordable portable light device.  


Indulge Your Senses

Whether it is with a self-care blanket, your softest winter sweater, or your favorite scented candle, embrace those cozy and comfy vibes this winter and awaken your senses. Indulging your senses, aka touch and smell, is indeed a form of self-care.  


Stay Connected

It is so easy to retreat when the cold weather is in and while I am a proponent of staying in as an introvert, there is still a need to be social since we are all social human beings. Even if it’s one big social outing per month, making time to call your family or friends will help you take care of your mental health this winter. 



This is so key to the winter season. Whether it is finding a new class online or in person, finding movement that is maintainable, enjoyable, and gets you moving your body will make a huge difference and give you something to look forward to during the week! 


Enjoy a Winter Activity

Despite living up North for most of my life, I was never much of an outdoorsy winter sports person which made the winters a little bit challenging for finding ways to get out of the house. The one activity I did find myself enjoying as a young adult was making a girls’ day out of grabbing a hot chocolate and ice skating. Find a weekend to coordinate a winter activity with a friend or relative to get you out of the house: it’ll give you some sense of joy this season. If you have nieces or nephews, consider going sledding with them to feel like a kid again and get yourself moving outdoors and enjoying it! 



If you really can’t stand the winter, make sure you have plans, whether it is trying a new class, a girls’ night out or in, or a quick weekend trip during one of the winter months. Planning and having something to look forward to will help you get through the winter even if it’s a fun spring trip, knowing there is something to look forward to will help get through those long winter days. Plus, taking more time to plan further out will fill up your time in the winter and give you an amazing trip to look forward to! 


Read More, Scroll Less

This is something that I am working on this winter and in this new year. Limiting morning and night scrolling can help with our mindset and aid in sleep, which are key in handling winter.   Plus, I can remember in past winters when I felt like my social life was lacking because everyone was either hibernating or making plans to go off for the weekends to escape winter, I would feel very lonely and the last thing that helped was turning to Insta to see what everyone was doing.


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