Tall Girls to Follow on IG

May 16, 2022

Are you struggling with body issues or just need some inspiration? Check out these tall girls I follow on Instagram for the best tall girl advice and inspo.

Being a tall girl can sometimes feel isolating, especially when you tower over your friends and family. If you struggle with social anxiety like many of us, walking into a room and being the tallest person there can be enough to make you want to crawl under a rock.

While I love being tall, I have dealt with my fair share of insecurities over the years. I’ve even shared some tall girl dating tips in the past to help you all.

However, something that has helped me build confidence is following tall girl celebrities and influencers who spread messages of empowerment and strength, and I’m happy to say that I feel like I’ve really found my tribe on social media.

Here is a list of my favorite tall girl and body-positive influencers you should follow!

Amallitalli – Two tall sisters that started their own tall fashion brand! Not only can you shop their clothing but you can get ideas on amazon essentials for tall girls and more tall girl tips on their blog. 

Bree McCann– I love following Bree McCann! She is a 5’11 Australian curve model. Not only does she have the confidence that motivates me to embrace my body but she has the style and that beachy style that I love to see other tall girls sporting for some outfit inspo.

Rae Ann– Rae is one of my favorite social media influencers because of her body-positive attitude and overall sunny vibes. Rae is also a mid-size model (mid-size ranges anywhere from a size 10-16) and frequently shares all of her tall girl fashion must-haves. You definitely give her a follow if you haven’t already!

Iskra Lawrence– Iskra Lawrence has been killing it in the modeling game for years now, and in addition to being incredibly gorgeous, she is also a body positivity icon! Not only is Iskra a tall girl, but she is also a mid-size swimsuit model that proudly rocks her curves as an Aerie Role Model.

The Real Tall– The Real Tall is an Instagram and fashion blog run by sisters Jenilee (6’4”) and Caitlin (5’11”). As the name of their blog suggests, Jenilee and Caitlin keep it real and always recommend their favorite tall girl fashion and accessory must-haves to their followers. Thinking about buying a new swimsuit or a tall girl dress but want a second opinion? The Real Tall has you covered. Of course, you’re gonna want to hit the follow button for this one!

What Maya Wears– For all you 9-5 working girls, Maya is about to be your new bestie. Maya Wears is an Instagram and blog run by Maya, a finance professional living and working in London. Maya regularly shares fashion, beauty, and career advice with her followers and some heartfelt tall girl inspo. Maya is a must-follow for anyone looking for a refreshing mix of self-love and career advice.

Did I miss any of your tall girl faves?