Shopping Tall Dresses For Women

May 2, 2022
Image of Maddie wearing a dress

There are so many reasons I love dresses. For one, I love the ability to throw on one piece of clothing and voila- I am good to go. The other reasons include the convenience of this garment- you can easily dress up or dress down and in comfort! The only real problem that I have with dresses is the actual shopping process in finding tall girl friendly dresses. There are very few brands that are even willing to serve us tall girls with tall jeans and pants, never mind dresses! However, in the recent years and the push towards a more inclusive fashion industry, a few brands have made the effort towards fully embodying the inclusive movement and have started to provide us tall girls with tall dresses. While we wait for more brands to catch on, I decided to make this tall girl guide to share some helpful tips for shopping dresses and the brands that you can shop at the moment that will offer the most selection for us tall ladies!

Tall Girl Tips For Finding Tall Dresses

  • Maxi Dresses! Maxi dresses are a tall girl best friend! They can never be too long for us tall girlies and if they are short then we can style them as a more mid to long length dress- either way we can make them work for our long tall selves
  • Skip the slit. Although the slits are amazing- I have run into too many problem wearing a dress with a slit that was just on the border of being too short and one in particular is when you accidentally wear that slit dress on a windy day.

Where Tall Women Can Shop For Tall Dresses: 


A personal tall girl favorite. Abercrombie offers tall jeans and now tall dresses. What makes this even more tall girl friendly is that these tall dresses for women are offered in up too XXL. Hopefully they move toward serving more sizes and more tall options but for now they do offer most dresses in talls online!


Looking for affordable stylish options?! ASOS offers just that for us tall women with their ASOS Tall dresses!

Banana Republic:

For expensive high quality dresses, Banana Republic has got tall women covered. Most of the dresses are in a long/ maxi length dress style and offer tall dresses in sizes XS to XL.

Free People

Okay so technically Free People doesn’t offer talls but take one look and you will see that most of their collection includes that boho long maxi dress style! As a 6’2.5 girl, I can approve that these maxi dresses are indeed perfect for the tall girl and cater more towards those with longer frames than those who are more petite. Being a boho lover, this is one of my favorite brands to shop for tall women’s dresses. They offer sizes XS-XL.

Long Tall Sally:

The original tall women’s shop- Long Tall Sally! If you are over six feet tall, I am sure you have at least heard of Long Tall Sally. You know it will be long enough when it comes from a brand that only caters to us tall women.

Old Navy:

A more affordable option, Old Navy offers Tall Women a lot of dress styles and options from size xs to xl and xxl in a few styles!

Pretty Little Thing

Another cute stylish, slightly more affordable option for tall women. These styles may cater towards more twenties and thirties but worth a try for tall women looking to show off their beautiful tall selves 😉 While this brand does offer some sizes in up to 24, most of their tall dresses seem to be in sizes 2-12.


What are some of the brands you love to shop from as a tall women?! I would love to hear about any of your tall girl finds and tips 😉

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