Tall Girl Self-Care And Social Media

April 4, 2022
Image of Maddie

I can’t say this enough, being tall is beautiful and all the tall girls out there hopefully know that! However, as with pretty much everything in life, it comes with its own struggles (hence the term #tallgirlproblems!). When you are over six feet tall or close to six feet, you are likely to find yourself in many situations where you are by far the tallest girl in the room, if not the tallest human in the room. Of course standing out is one of the more beautiful parts to  being tall but at times it can feel a bit isolating when you are getting the stares and or those unsolicited comments from strangers that make you feel hyper aware of your physical difference.  I know firsthand that when you are growing up as a tall girl (especially when you hit six feet in middle school!) you are bound to run into moments where those comments/ stares leave you feeling insecure and at more trying times, resenting your height. While I still deal with those occasional tall girl insecure moments, I have found that with age, I feel less and less of those insecure moments and that part of that is due to my self-care routine with social media.

Using Social Media As A Form Of Tall Girl Self-Care: 

As I have mentioned before, I am a strong advocate for setting boundaries on social media as part of your self-care routine! Part of my self-care routine regarding social media is following those who seem to have a positive impact on me and unfollowing those who don’t. This simple act of following and unfollowing has helped me so much because I feel more in control of the types of content I may be exposed to and can filter out some of the negativity that I don’t need to be faced with when I am on IG. So with that in mind, I began to find myself intentionally seeking out a tall girl community.

Prior to implementing this tall girl self-care routine and practice into place, I had no idea just how large of a social media presence the tall girl community had. Now, I can’t believe I grew up without this community because it really has been a source of support and ultimately the tall girl self-care that my younger tall self could have used. When you are very tall you know how rare it is to come across other women of your height, which makes you that much more supportive and enthusiastic when you do find other tall women. That can be said for the tall girl community too. After doing some searching through the classic tall girl hashtags (#tallgirlprobs #tallfashion #tallstyleblogger, etc.,) I began to find more and more women sharing their tall girl tips whether it be fashion finds or celebrating the beauty of being tall and that has contributed severely to my appreciation of my height and the growth of self-love that I have for my tall self.

As mentioned above, one of those tall girl probs that I experienced the most growing up, was just feeling different and unable to fit in as easily because I stood out so much. But with social media and finding tall confident women, I can learn from them and look up to those who carry themselves with such confidence and self-love. I remember scrolling thru my ig feed one day and not feeling particularly great and coincidentally one of the tall girl fashion blogs I follow was preaching about inclusivity in size and length and hearing how she talked to herself and the narrative she used regarding height and being a tall women totally transformed my thinking in that moment. Hearing those positive affirmations, specific to tall women, was and still is exactly the type of content that makes me appreciate the impact of social media and the ability to connect with others that you may have never met in real life!

So for any fellow tall girls who are wondering how they can appreciate their height even more, consider finding your tall girl community and finding those accounts that resonate with you and make you see what your height for what it is, a beautiful and unique quality that deserves celebration 🙂

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