Dogs Toys And Items From Amazon And Target That My Dogs Love

April 4, 2022
Image of Maddie with Frenchie

If there is one thing people usually find out about me right away, aside from the obvious things like being extremely tall, is that I am obsessed with dogs. Yes I know that lots of people are dog obsessed and while I am not one for bragging, I will say that I am pretty sure that I feel in a past life I was indeed a dog whisperer 😉 But in all seriousness, I, like many other dog lovers and owners out there believe in treating dogs like humans and want to give them the best of the best, which usually leads to spoiling them with love, attention and of course toys! When it comes to your fur babe you want them to have the best of the best but you also know that dogs are not ones for being gentle with their toys and items, often causing messes and dirty stained items, which makes those affordable dog toys the perfect find, especially if you are a young adult who can’t give their fur babe quite the glam lifestyle just yet! Having grown up in a house full of dogs of all different breeds, from Pugs, Frenchies, Labs, German Shepherd, Basenji, Rottweilers, plenty of rescues we weren’t and still aren’t quite sure what breed they are, to my beloved Pitbulls, I am well aware of the distinct personality differences and therefore the wide variety in needs of each dogs and each breed but even still, these have been toys and items that our largest to smallest dogs have bene enjoying over the recent years!

Amazon And Target Dog Toy Finds: 

BENRON Premium Fluffy Pet Blanket

Image of frenchie with dog toy and blanket

Gigi loves cuddling up with her blanket at all times of the day 🙂

For dog lovers and owners out there- this is the only blanket your dog needs and will want after introducing your fur babe to it. I know this because I purchased one for each of my family dogs (all five very different breeds and sizes) who have become obsessed with these blankets. At an affordable price, there is no reason not to consider purchasing this soft seemingly therapeutic blanket for your pup. This blanket  can be purchased in a variety of sizes making it an awesome affordable amazon find!

Pillowtop Dog Mattress

Prior to this target purchase, my pitbull (Happy) would never sleep on a bed only the couch or a human bed!

Okay so if you want to train your dogs to sit on their bed rather than the couch, a classic problem for most all of my dogs, then this is the dog bed for your fur babe. My Pitbulls love this extra large bed and it usually spares room for one of the smaller dogs to enjoy too! My mom looked around for therapeutic beds trying to find the ultimate dog bed for our dogs and nothing was really passing their standards until they were introduced to this dog bed.

Stella loving her soft blanket!

Wild One Triangle Tug Dog Toy

Trying to find an interactive toy for your dogs to enjoy without being able to totally destroy it shortly after purchasing?! This is the dog toy for your fur babes. My Basenji, Pitbull and Frenchie play with this toy on the daily. If you only have one fur babe, then this is an excellent toy for you to play with your pup.

Image of maddie sitting with her dog

If you have a needy dog like mine, interactive toys are the perfect way to distract them while you get your work done!

PetLicki Dog Licking Mat 

Another perfect dog toy to entertain your dogs for a while! If nothing makes your dog happier than treats, which lets be honest is there anything that makes your dogs get more excited over, then why not get them a licking mat to spread out peanut butter or whatever similar texture food over a mat to try and work their way through?! This takes my dogs lots of time and attention keeping them distracted when we are going to be gone for a few hours and want the to be entertained for the time being! This specific mat is advertised as BPA free and gives you the toothbrush to easily clean the mat after use which is key!

Kong Chew

I am sure that most dog owners have seen or heard of the kong because it always ends up being a hit! Fill these up with food and or just give your dog this toy to play with and they will be entertained. These are great because they last a long long time and great for dogs who usually tear threw their toys shortly after you purchase them. Check out these cute pink and blue packs of Kongs that you can get in different sizes!


These are just some of the items that have been a hit with my fur babes and I hope that your fur babes love them just as much:) For more of my amazon reviews, check out my recent post on amazon home decor for the kitchen and living room! 


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