Self-Care Sunday Checklist

January 8, 2022
Image of Self-care sunday checklist

If you have seen our insta you probably have seen us mention self-care Sunday quite a few times! Sundays are really an important day to the two of us because, well, they are the first day of the week. While we don’t like the idea of putting too much stress for the first day of the week to go perfectly, we do however like the idea of being intentional in how we take care of ourselves on Sundays to help set us up for the upcoming week, making us big advocates of self-care Sundays! Being that it is a new year and we know lots of people are looking for ways to help improve this next year and pick up helpful habits and routines- we thought we would share a self-care Sunday checklist to help guide all the Sundays to come in 2022! These are some of our favorite practical ways to take care of ourselves at the start of each week! Of course, in order to be consistent with a self-care routine, it helps to have tips and ideas that are easy to implement into your lifestyle which is why we are giving y’all a variety with these self-care tips to consider for your making your own checklist!

Ideas For Your Self-Care Sunday Checklist 

  • Sunday Walks- Whether it’s a quick walk around your apartment, neighborhood etc., or even a quick walk to your favorite cafe- getting out for a walk is so great to clear your mindset, get some fresh air, low intensity movement for your body, and it can be a helpful way to feel connected to the community near you without the need to have a social Sunday Funday or rely upon friends to be available to feel connected!
  • First things first- we love the idea of dedicating a chunk of time to prepping for the week ahead so that you can feel ready and prepped for what is ahead. For more on how we prep check out our post on preparing for a successful week.
  • Limiting your social media use- start your week off with a break or some healthy boundaries with your social media. Getting breaks can be so beneficial for you to start your week off without the negative influence that too much social media can present us with, especially if we are feeling more vulnerable to the unhelpful tendency of comparing and despairing while using social media!
  • Listening to meditational sounds. I love listening to playlist that have different healing sounds and playlists with theta waves for total relaxation. I am a huge proponent of listening to these playlists in the morning to give a relaxed mindset to ease into your self-care Sunday as well as at night to help fall asleep.
  • Spa Day- of course a spa day is always welcome and always relaxing. Have your own type of spa day at home with a nice hot shower, trying out that new face mask, giving yourself a mani pedi, lounging in your comfy robe and slippers. Turn on the meditational sounds and or your fav mindless comedy show too to get some enjoyable time relaxing while pampering yourself.
  • Dance Party- Quite literally have yourself a dance party where you can and do dance like no one is watching. I can’t say enough for dancing it out to help your mood. But this time- we don’t mean an intense cardio dance class- even though that is totally welcome for a workout but having a fun playlist to dance in the mirror and or pretend you are performing on lip sync battle. There is something very freeing about movement like dance as a form of self-expression.
  • Volunteer- Okay, so this requires some scheduling but for those of you who do have a cause you care about consider scheduling Sundays in for your volunteer day. Whether it is once per month or more – having a Sunday where you are giving back to a cause you are passionate about and knowing you helped that cause is one of the greatest ways to start your week. If you can’t volunteer, why not go thru your clothes and that pile that you never wear and find some items you can donate.
  • Clean Sheets- There is nothing better than hopping into bed early enough to get your full eight hours of sleep and falling asleep in fresh clean sheets.
  • Setting Intentions- Before bed, acknowledging how last week went and the way in which you would like for your next upcoming week to go is a must for our self-care Sundays!

We hope that you find these ideas helpful in creating your Self-Care Sunday checklist 🙂