A Tall Girl’s Guide To Clothing: Where To Find Sandals In Sizes 11 & Up

June 29, 2021
Image of Maddie in a skirt and heels with a pink background

While we have discussed some of the tall girl probs in the past pertaining to finding clothes long enough, more specifically with our fav  tall girl jean suggestion and brands to shop for tall girl pants, we have yet to discuss an area that can be just as much of a tall girl prob/ challenge to shop for — shoes! It’s something that is often overlooked and while it doesn’t always come hand in hand with being tall, as there are many tall girls who have average sized feet and vice-versa, in my experience– I have encountered many fellow tall girls who share that common frustration for finding brands that provide their shoe size in stylish and quality shoes! So being that it is summer, I figured I would put together a list of the top brands that I have been loving and wearing in the summers past that provide at the very minimum up to a size 11!  Read below to find out these favorite brands of mine to consider shopping online to give your cute, quality, comfortable sandals to wear for whatever this summer’s adventures might be!

Five Brands To Shop For Sandals (Sizes 11 & Up)

1.) Andre Assous

Best For: Size up to 11 who are looking for comfort and quality for an everyday flat sandal

Maddie wearing the sandals taking a mirror picturesto match almost any outfit!While the basic style initially drew me, as I was searching for a flat sandal to match most of my everyday outfits, it was really the comfort that won me over with these, now favorite, go to summer sandals! Being that these have been my go to summer sandals for about three summers now, which for me means wearing essentially every day, I would say that quality is well worth the investment because you can barely see any signs of wear aside from the sole obvi! Check out two of my favorite styles from this collection at the moment:  Andre Assous Nice and Andre Assous Novalee!

2.) Dolce Vita

Image of a pair of Dolce Vita sandals in grass


Best For: Those wanting stylish sandals in sizes 11, 12 and 13! 


This brand offers some of the cutest styles I have seen in sandals, especially flat sandals,  in sizes 11, 12, 13.  Click here to see all the styles at the moment that they are offering in these sizes to see for yourself!

3.) Josef Seibel

Maddie Walking in a floral dress and a pair of Joseph Seibel Sandals

Best For: Sizes up to 11 who want a platform sandal to dress up or down that gives you an INSANE amount of support and comfort!

Not only do these come in size 11 but these are the comfiest pair of sandals with a wedge that you will find. Between the (yes velcro but no not noticeable)  adjustability of the strap to its sole there is no need to sacrifice comfort for style– these are an amazing pair of sandals that can match lots of dresses, rompers, jumpsuits as well as your basic jean shorts look and give you the ability to walk around with ease and support! Put these in your bag asap and not just talking your shopping bag but also any going away trip – these are a must that must pack!

If you take a glance on their website some of their styles seem to be less on par with a young adults taste in shoes but their basic wedge is super stylish and the most comfortable heel-wedge you can find to stroll around in the city, these  Josef Seibel Sandals being my favorite go to platform sandals!

4.) Sam Edelman

Image of a sun hat and a pair of Sam Edelman Sandals next to a pool

Best For: Sizes up to 14 who are focused on having a stylish summer wardrobe!

Sam Edelman has some of the cutest styles and fortunately most of the collections styles can be found in sizes up to 11! These are great if you are looking for style and a range of heel heights and wedges. But most importantly for tall girls– I discovered that they go up to a size 14 in select styles and ones that I feel are some of the cutest styles in their collection! This style has been a favorite of mine-  Sam Edelman Sandal.  Check out their  website to see more options in other sizes!

5.) Steve Madden

Best For: Sizes up to 12 who are looking for style and also a basic block heeled sandal to dress up or down!

Maddie In the Steve Madden Sandals

Steve Madden has so many block heels that I love!

My favorite pair of Steven Madden sandals, the  Steve Madden Ireneew Sandal , go up to size 11 and they are honestly my go to heel for any event that feels like it calls for a slight heel! I love these because of their classic simple enough look and personally love the block heel style as I feel it is not only easier to walk in but flatters my taller self who also happens to have more athletic calves.  They currently have size 11 and 12 in stock so definitely recommend checking these out and taking advantage of the sale going on right now!

6.) Vaneli 

Best For: Those looking for cute sandals and heels up to sizes 13!

I have my eye on this shorter heeled Vaneli Sandal because I have the higher heel of these and they are SOOO comfy for a high heel but I don’t find myself wearing high heels super often so these are the perfect in between flat and heels sandals that can be dressed up easily or dressed down. Vaneli seems to carry 11’s often so check out the rest of their collection!

After some searching on their site they do have a variety of cute style sandals in size 13, which is the size they seem to go up to! Check the rest out on their website !