Beauty Tips for Face: Priming Sensitive Skin

June 21, 2021
Close up of Lune + Aster Primer and Trish McEvoy Eye Primer

For those of you who have read our blog posts on makeup and natural beauty tips, you are well aware that we love a good no makeup makeup look! What you may not be aware of is the one step that we rely heavily upon to achieve this specific look — prepping with primers!   Without a good primer we are far less successful in achieving a well blended minimalist makeup look and far more susceptible to a caked on appearance with our foundation, bronzer, eyeshadow and whatever else we have applied to our faces, being more prone to smudging and wearing off. Additionally, having very sensitive skin (Maddie here) the products used to prep my skin before applying the rest of the makeup can make the world of difference- which is why I am sharing the two products that I have been using for the past few years that I have found the be the best overall in keeping my sensitive skin happy all the while achieving the look that I am after!

Lune + Aster Hydra Lift Primer

Not only do I love this primer because it is gentle enough on my skin and provides that even base to apply foundation smoothly but it gives my skin that intense surge of hydration that allows me to wear makeup for a whole day without it feeling dried out by the end of the day. Now having oily skin this may not seem like a problem to run into but being that I do have oily acne prone skin, I use Retin-A to prevent breakouts which can occasionally leave my face feeling dry AF.  So if you too experience this dried out feeling either due products or just having dry to combination skin- this primer is excellent!

Close Up Of The Lune + Aster Hyrdralift Primer Over A Pink Makeup Bag

This primer keeps my skin feeling fresh all day, makeup in place, and feeling like I just applied moisturizer– which has made my sensitive skin very happy!

Trish McEvoy Eye Base Essentials

When it comes to eye makeup, one can not apply product with precision and or blend without a proper base. For the past few years I have been using Trish McEvoy’s Eye Base Essentials to give me that proper base to blend eyeshadows with ease!  I find that when I take the time to prime the eyelid with a small amount of this (as a little goes a long way) and do a great job at applying it evenly, it takes me minimal time to create the eye look I want with eyeshadows which is what makes this product so amazing!   I love the demure color as it provide the most subtle, barely noticeable, hint of sparkle to the eye area that brightens the eye area better than any other primers I have tried and even better than most glitter eyeshadows do!

Close Up of the Trish McEvoy Eye Primer

My favorite eye primer to use, especially the Demure color!