A Tall Girl’s Guide To Clothing: The Perfect Pair of Cropped Jeans

May 21, 2021
Image of Maddie With Cropped Jeans and Pink Background with Tall girl Guide to clothing written across

For all of you who are familiar with our insta, you know that one of us is very (VERY) tall! We both happen to be besties that are above average height, for women, but one of us is well beyond that above average height marker, that one of us happens to be me, Maddie, standing at 6’2! This makes for a very interesting experience when it comes to shopping for clothes, as most brands do not recognize the need for women’s clothing to come in various lengths. Add in the fact that I happen to have longer legs and a short torso for proportions and it leaves little to no selection for long enough jeans. Sadly, the one size fits all approach has been normalized in women’s fashion, without much question, misrepresenting the fact that women come in all shapes, sizes AND heights. If you are a fellow tall girl, then you are familiar with this struggle– which is why I am so enthusiastic to blog about any tall girls finds that I encounter and share with y’all! Which leads us to this fav tall girl find that I highly recommend for those who are looking to invest (these are def pricey) in high quality, comfortable, slightly cropped, loose fitted denim to sport the rest of this spring, and every season following, as these are perfect staple denim to wear for any style and look you are after!

The Madewell Tall Perfect Vintage Jean in Ainsworth Wash 

Pair of Madewell jeans folded on a bed with a shirt

Why these are amazing: If you aren’t familiar with Madewell- this is a high quality, tall girl friendly brand! A few years back, they were stockpiled with jeans that came in a tall and taller length, making us tall girls the happiest customers, as there are few to no brands that recognize the need for longer lengths for the above six feet girls. Unfortunately, they haven’t made a ton of taller’s lately, which is why I found myself resorting to the tall section in desperation for some new jeans. These are the ONLY pair of talls that have worked for this taller girl. This pair provides a just cropped enough length without bordering on the all too familiar/ every tall girl’s worst nightmare of the shants look. Aside from the length, these are SO comfy and give you the best of both worlds with the thick but loose denim look that you want in 2021 with the stretchy enough jegging feel you are desperately clinging too still (or that may just be me). For years, I struggled to find long, loose, well-fitted denim, often finding the waist too big on me but the thighs too tight. But alas, I have found the perfect pair that molds to your body shape just shortly after putting them on!
This color and style is perfect for lots of seasons and different occasions.  These are going to be perfect for (hopefully many) summer evening beach cookouts with an oversized sweatshirt to layer on top but also perfect for drinks and girls night out in a tight cropped top– essentially this style of denim can go with whatever vibe and or occasion you are dressing for. Essentially, these are a must!

The Madewell Logo on The Back of Their Jeans

Sizing Recs: These def have the tendency to really stretch out after a full day of wearing but like we mentioned, it’s 2021 and that is the style we are after (let’s hope it stays that way so we can always be styled comfortably)!! So if you are okay with the loose fitting style that is so popular now– then we would recommend staying true to size. Now if you are someone who finds yourself in between two sizes often, I would suggest going with the smaller!