Favorite Self-Care Candles On Amazon: Jo Malone Dupe and More

May 1, 2022
Image of Maddie with candle

Aromatherapy is a part of my self-care routine which means that candles are an absolute necessity in my apartment. There are so many brands and scents out there and a huge range of prices but being that I use mine quite literally almost every day I like when I find some mid range priced candles that are high quality but not a splurge- aka love a good Jo Malone Dupe! So here are some of my favorites that can be found on amazon so that you can incorporate some aromatherapy into your self-care routine asap!

My Favorite Self-Care Candles On Amazon: 

CoCo Benjamin Basil, Lime and Mandarin Candle aka the Jo Malone DupeImage of basil lime and mandarin candle

This is the ultimate Jo Malone dupe candle! If you have experienced the Jo Malone basil, lime and mandarin candle then you know that this is one of the top scents out there to instill into your home. The only problem is that it usually will cost you about 70 dollars for a regular sized candle. So for those who fell in love with the scent instantly, much like I did, add this candle to your amazon cart for the perfect gender neutral scent to keep your home smelling welcoming, clean and energized.

Image of candle

L’or de Seraphine Candle Mansour Marrakech

Looking for a sweet high quality scent?! This candle is hard to not light every time you are home because it is just the perfect amount of a sweet but also fresh scent. I love this one when I want to feel happy and excited to sit down and do some work plus the looks alone make it the perfect addition to your home.

Paddywax Candle Cactus Flower

Looking for a fun and flirty sweet scented candle?! This is the candle for you. This candle is definitely on the sweeter side and for that reason I do love lighting this one for a more fun mood:)

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