A Review Of Kosas Eyebrow Gel and Pencil

May 2, 2022
Image of Maddie

We all know that thick, full brows are in. With microblading, eyebrow tints and now even eyebrow transplants being a thing that is talked about, there is a huge focus on how we can achieve a natural but full brow look. For some of us achieving that thick brow look takes little to not time or effort to achieve while for others it takes treatments or products to do so. For those of us that require the extra time and attention to achieve this on trend look, we look for the best of brow pens and gels to use on the daily. Personally, I use a combination of both pencils and gels to achieve that said full brow look and being that I am on the clean beauty movement- there has been one brand in particular that I turn to for my brows and that is Kosas! While I was first drawn into these products due to their clean ingredients, its been their performance that has been keeping me on the Kosas brow beauty game!

Image of kosas gel brow and pencilReview Of Kosas Eyebrow Gel And Pencil: 

The Airbrow Gel: The air brow gel is easy to apply with the smaller sized spoolie. This makes it easy for those with sparse eyebrows with gaps to fill in. What I appreciate most about the brow gel is that is is easy to apply and that it is long lasting. Being that I do have, at times, very sparse eyebrows- I get worried that a smudge will appear or that if I am staying over somewhere that the brows will be gone in the morning and honestly that has yet to happen. Once I apply enough of this and setting spray, these are locked on for the day/night!
Image of Kosas pencil

As for the color, I get the brown/black color for the airbrow gel!

Kosas Eyebrow Pencil:  The eyebrow pencil is just as great at getting the job done. The pencil isn’t too thick or too thin, giving you moderate coverage. Apply this lightly to outline your brows and you are golden! On the opposite end you have the comb to tame the brows or to lighten after applying too much. 

As mentioned above, for the pencil I also get the brown/black airbrow gel and you can see in my picture what that looks like to consider what color may work best for yoursef 😉


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