The Best Abercrombie Women’s Shorts For Tall Girls

April 25, 2022
Image of Maddie in shorts

Now that we are in full spring mode, I am fully prepping myself for shorts season. To be honest, in years past- shorts season has been the least favorite of mine. Why? Well, partially due to my struggles with body image and dealing with body dysmorphia  surrounding my long legs and how I felt that it made my cellulite that I have had since puberty that much more noticeable and exaggerated but the other reason being that shorts, no matter how intentional or not, tend to look like booty shorts on my long tall self. If you are a tall girl you know this to be true: tall girl probs don’t just stop at shopping for pants that are long enough- we struggle at finding skirts, dresses, and shorts that serve the full intended length that they are on the models and our shorter peers.  This particular tall girl struggle is especially a challenge for shorts as much of the fashion industry and sizing does not seem to understand that the tall girl needs far extend outside of just pants. But this summer is different, not only am I embracing my long legs by sporting shorts but I have found shorts in lengths that work excellently with my long legged 6’2.5 frame and I am thrilled to share them with the rest of the tall girl community out there so you can do the same this summer! So if you are six feet and above and looking for shorts to that give you just enough length to wear day to day while also light enough to survive the hottest of summer days- I have just the tall girl shorts review for y’all and yes they are from my fav tall girl inclusive store- Abercrombie  🙂

Abercrombie Shorts For Tall Women

Curve Love High Rise 7 Inch Dad ShortsImage of Maddie in shorts


Honestly, prior to this year I would have rejected the mid thigh look because it reminded me of the Bermuda shorts but I figured being as tall as I am that these would be long enough but not too much of the Bermuda short length. These are super comfy, stretchy jean material that is perfect for shorts because I for one can’t stand when shorts are too tight on the thigh. These are similar to the high rise 70s vintage flare denim if you are familiar with those- they stretch and mold to your body but don’t bag out by the end of the day.

Fit: These fit true to size in my opinion. I went with the size that I get in Abercrombie jeans and they fit perfectly in evert way.


Image of Maddie In Abercrombie shortsCurve Love High Rise Dad Shorts

These are super cute and remind me of the older vintage black denim jeans that I have from Abercrombie. These are shorter than the 7 inch denim but definitely long enough to be far out of the booty short look. These definitely remind me of an a line look with the waist being smaller and the thigh being significantly larger width and wider fit. If you are someone who doesn’t appreciate those tight fitted shorts- this is definitely a pair of denim shorts you’d love!

Fit: These shorts definitely run on the big side. If I had waited a bit before taking the tags off I would have returned these for a smaller size, at least. I would definitely say to size down if you are between sizes, even if you are like me and usually feel like you need extra room- these jeans really bag out by the end of the day. After a day of wearing these were really really stretched out which is the only downside but again if I had tried a size smaller these would be the perfect tall girl shorts for the summer 2022!





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