Ten Baby Shower Dresses For Tall Moms-To-Be

January 12, 2023

As you may know by now, I am a very tall mom-to-be, expecting twin boys at the start of the spring! With the date approaching, I am nesting, resting and about to enjoy a baby shower with my aunts and relatives this weekend! The idea of getting dressed up can be a lot when pregnant, especially if you have a body type that the fashion industry does not usually represent, which can make dressing for such a special and meant-to-be fun occasion like a baby shower feel like a task. To avoid this classic tall girl problem, I am sharing tall girl-friendly maternity dresses and styles that will serve a variety of shapes and sizes so that all the tall mamas-to-be can look forward to their special day without the stress of shopping for it. 

All of these were cute styles that I found while shopping for my own baby shower that I consider to be tall girl-friendly styles. Keep up to date with me on Instagram to see which dress I ended up choosing! 

Ten Tall Mom-Friendly Maternity Dresses Perfect For Your Baby Shower

Blue V-Neck Long Sweater Dress– Tall moms-to-be expecting a boy: this is such a cute sweater dress to wear to your baby shower! Pink Blush Maternity offers a tall section that is really solely focused on the below-the-knee length dresses and as you can see this sweater dress hits mid-shin on this particular model. 

Crossover Pink Dress – I love this pink color! For tall moms who are expecting a girl, this is definitely a flowy long-length dress to consider, and comes in sizes XS to XXL! 

Pink Blush Curve Tie Wrap Dress – For all curvy moms-to-be, this is the perfect tall girl dress to celebrate your baby shower in. With a variety of colors and coming in sizes 1X to 3X, be sure to check out this baby shower dress. 

Crochet Lace Maternity Dress – Calling all tall boho moms-to-be! This is such a cute boho dress to wear to your baby shower if you live down South or if your party is during the summer! This was one of my top picks when shopping for baby shower tall maternity dresses.

Front Tie Ruffle Sleeve – I just love this for a simple but also easy-to-dress-up tall girl bridal dress! This will look so flattering on tall moms.

ASOS Maternity Ruche Bust Cami Square Maxi Dress – ASOS has plenty of the classic tall girl-friendly dress: maxis! I had this similar pattern in a maxi dress from ASOS that wasn’t a maternity dress but was so comfy and flattering. Check out this style if you anticipate a spring/ summer baby shower! 

Xpenyo Maxi Maternity Dress – An affordable Amazon find for tall moms! This dress is a size-inclusive tall girl find coming in sizes S to 5XL.

Rocorose Women’s Turtleneck Ribbed Elbow Dress – This is one that I shared earlier this winter for a maternity Amazon find. Having worn it this winter, I can definitely approve of the stretchy material that makes it bump-friendly and a length that is perfect for tall moms to sport with a classic over-the-knee boot.

Lavender Tiered Dress – Okay, I am slightly biased since I LOVE lavender (can you tell?!), but this is perfect for an early spring, more casual baby shower. This lavender color will compliment a spring shower look and feel, especially if it is in April, near Easter!

Pink Sweater Dress – Who doesn’t appreciate a two-for-one deal? This cute pink maternity dress also happens to be conducive to nursing so if you have any events after giving birth, check out this Nordstrom find that ranges in sizes XS to XXL. 

I hope you have luck finding the perfect baby shower dress to compliment your tall beautiful self 🙂 If you are looking for style tips for tall dresses, check out my tall girl tips for shopping for dresses

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