My Favorite Pregnant and Expecting Influencers to Follow Right Now

November 9, 2022

Since learning I was pregnant, my entire life shifted in ways I would never have expected. Not only is my body physically changing, but things that I used to do or enjoy before I was pregnant have also changed. 

Believe it or not, becoming pregnant has impacted the way I use social media and the kind of content I choose to consume. I have found that certain influencers and creators I used to follow don’t align with where I currently am in life, and I have become more intentional with who I choose to follow and engage with on social media. 

While social media can be very harmful, it can also be beneficial if used correctly. For example, I’ve found great comfort in following various body-positive influencers and tall girls on IG who have helped me through my struggles. 

If you’re pregnant and looking for a bit of advice, here are some influencers I have been really enjoying lately.


Ryann Kipping

Follow the @prenatalnutritionist for all the details on what recs nutritionists have for moms-to-be. She debunks myths and gives you the DL on what to take precautions on. I enjoy her build-a-lunch box videos where she makes a protein-packed lunch dependent upon the trimester. This was the first pregnancy account that was recommended to me that I followed!


Sarah Nicole Landry

Sarah has over two million followers and is a mom to four. Her presence makes social media a positive influence, especially with pregnancy. I appreciate her openness and dedication to talking openly and sharing her experiences with pregnancy and dealing with your the major transformation that your body goes through!


Lauren Burnham Luyendyk 

You may know Lauren Luyendyk from Arie’s season of The Bachelor, and they’re one of the few Bachelor Nation couples who are still happily together! Lauren and Arie are parents of three, including a set of twins, so I’ve kept up with them through my twin pregnancy journey. Lauren and Arie are such a cute couple and really seem to have a great relationship dynamic, so I always love seeing what they’re up to.


Rach Sullivan

If you’re not already following Rach Sullivan, you definitely should be. Rach and her husband Tom first popped up on my TikTok FYP with their viral videos where they made a recipe with food the size of their baby each week. They have since welcomed the arrival of their baby girl, and I always get a little teary-eyed watching their videos because they are truly the cutest couple and have such a sweet relationship.


Do you have any favorite influencers you think I’d like? Drop their @!