Best Body Positive Influencers to Follow on Instagram

May 28, 2022

In a world dominated by Instagram filters and skinny models on magazine covers, these body positivity influencers on IG will help you love the way you look.

In my opinion, the coolest thing about social media is that you can tailor your feed to suit the kinds of things you want to see. If you’re super artsy, you can follow tons of different artists and art accounts worldwide. And if you’re a fashion girl, there is no shortage of models, designers, and stylish people to follow.

Personally, one of my favorite things is following body-positive influencers, particularly on Instagram. In a world constantly bombarded with images of “perfect” bodies, it’s really refreshing to see someone who looks like us on our IG feeds and isn’t afraid to express themselves. I understand the struggle of body positivity and dating as a tall girl, so I thought I’d share some inspiring IG accounts for you to build your confidence.

So if you’re looking to detox your Instagram and follow some new peeps, here are a few of my favorite body-positive influencers I hope you’ll love too.

6 Best Body Positive Influencers on Instagram

Danae – Danae is a journalist who has turned her IG feed into a profile that focuses on self-love. Her profile has exposed the many ways that people change their appearance on Instagram using different poses, apps, and filters.

She does this to show her followers that you can’t compare what you see in the mirror to an edited photo on Instagram. By doing this, she gives her followers the confidence to accept the way they look by exposing the artificial ways that virtually everyone you see uses to manipulate the way they look.

As someone who has struggled with body image and dealt with insecurity over things like cellulite, which are supernormal, following Denae has benefited my mental health on social media.

Camille Kostek – A model/ actress and former NFL cheerleader, Camille Kostek has been someone I love to follow for her positivity and her discussions around self-acceptance. She has talked about her own struggle with trying to maintain body positivity while working in the entertainment field but she always continues to send the message of having confidence, self-acceptance, kindness to yourself and others as the main message of her posts. She is always so positive and having someone like that certainly helps my own mental health while using apps like IG.

Rae Ann – I’ve talked about how much I love Rae Ann before for her body positivity and overall good vibes. Rae Ann is also a great role model for mid-size girls, AKA anyone who wears between a size 10-16. Her account focuses on self-confidence and creating a community for women to empower each other by accepting how they look and feel.

Vivian Hoorn – I started following Vivian Hoorn this past year and have been very happy to have followed her as she shows real, up-close photos and moments of her body and has talked about her journey towards self-acceptance. She is also one of the more stylish people I follow, and she has lots of funny videos and aesthetically pleasing content to appreciate. You won’t be disappointed.

Brittani Lancaster – Brittani is a TikToker and Podcaster who shares her honest stories of recovering from an eating disorder and how she’s been working on maintaining a healthy body image. For anyone who has struggled with losing weight or gone to terrible lengths to do so, Brittani is a great resource to help you overcome these problems.

Lizzo – While not technically an influencer, music superstar Lizzo is a great person to follow if you’re looking for an unapologetically curvy role model. Plus, she’s insanely talented and we all love her music!

Ashley Graham – Finally, Ashley is probably best known as the first ever size 16 model to land a cover of Sports Illustrated! Ashley has also been known to post pictures featuring her cellulite, showing women that it’s totally normal and natural to be perfectly imperfect.

Is there anyone I missed or that you wished to see on this list? Drop a comment below and tell me who your favorite body positivity influencers are!