My Clean Beauty Review Of Monday Hair Care

April 11, 2022
Image of Maddie with monday hair care

Up until recently, I had sworn off cheaper hair care products. My thinking was this- if I am investing in salon treatments, why would I not invest in high quality hair care products to maintain those treatments?! While I still think that way for the most part, I now have a much more low maintenance hair salon treatment (check out my post on why I use a  demi -permanent hair color) that keeps my hair relatively similar to its natural state and color which makes me slightly less apprehensive about testing out more affordable products. In addition to not having color treated, bleached hair that requires more intensive (pricey) daily products, I have committed to the clean beauty movement which means that my priorities are on the ingredients! This desire to find clean beauty hair products has led me towards testing and using Briogeo (see my clean beauty review for Briogeo shampoo and conditioner here) and more recently, the affordable clean brand – Monday!  Aside from its adorable pink packaging,  I was drawn to this product after hearing a lot of talk about it, especially hearing celebs talk about it, and finding out that it is indeed a clean beauty product! Given that it avoids using harmful ingredients, I figured that it would be worth giving this particular affordable, much cheaper than other hair products I own,  a chance and as you’ll find out, I am happy that I did!

My Clean Beauty Review Of Monday Hair Care:

Image of Monday hair care

This brand did an excellent job in marketing this clean beauty product with these pretty  pink bottles!

When it comes to the aesthetics, this product is as pleasing and cute as they come.  When it comes to the price, it is hard to beat this clean beauty products with each bottle costing a little less than ten dollars!  When it came time to use this shampoo and conditioner- I was impressed by the sweet but not overly strong smell, as I haven’t found a ton of clean beauty products with a sweet scent. You get a lot from each pump and being that I have a lot (a whole lot) of hair and very long hair, I was impressed to find that it took only a few pumps to wash my entire head and that there was still so much product left in these bottles (aka you get a lot for such an affordable product). The conditioner was soft enough aiding in the usually challenging process of trying to detangle the birds nest in the back of my hair after going multiple days without washing.

Image of Maddie with producr

A few hours after washing and conditioning my hair with Monday Hair Care! My hair feels much more hydrated than it usually does directly after applying heat styling products like the blow dryer!

After I showered, I only put in a tiny bit of my Aveda nutri plenish hair oil to the ends and my usual heat protectant cream from Briogeo. As per usual, I let my hair dry halfway to avoid too much heat damage. As I was blow drying my hair, I was impressed by the lack of frizz and dryness that I often face when I go in with the dryer prior to styling it. Once fully dry, I will say that I probably could have used a bit less of the hair oil as this shampoo and conditioner definitely does do its job of invigorating your hair with hydration!

Overall, my impression of this affordable clean beauty product is great! I have a challenging time finding the balance between a shampoo that gets in there and cleans my oily hair without overdoing it and giving me a dry scalp. As someone who only washed their hair twice per week, I was impressed by the ability of this product to clean without needing half the bottle, especially given the affordable price. I will say that there was less need for my hair oil which is great but also goes to show you that if you naturally have very oily hair be careful with the products you put in before or after using this hydration intensive product. I would say that as someone with oily sensitive skin and hair  that easily feels dry when washed, that this product was a great choice and that for now this product will be staying with me!


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