Must-Have Travel Accessories For Women On Amazon

June 23, 2022

Are you looking for some cute travel accessories to pack on your next trip? Here are some of my faves that you can get on Amazon for cheap!

Having cute travel accessories can improve any trip, even if you’re just spending the night at your friend’s house in the next town over! And with these budget travel tips, you can buy some amazing travel accessories without breaking the bank.

Whenever I travel, there are certain little luxuries I like to treat myself to, and I’d like to share them with you. Best of all, many of them can be found on Amazon! So here are some of my faves.


Travel Bottles – A super organizational tool to keep all of your makeup and toiletries where they belong. I have to travel with coconut oil because of my coconut oil hair hack and because it helps take off my makeup. So, being that it is essential to my beauty routine, and being that there are yet to be travel-size coconut bottles, these travel bottles come in very handy!

Passport Holder – This is one of the cutest (and most affordable) passport and vaccine holders I’ve ever seen! 

Gillette Venus Mini Razor – This product is my secret for staying smooth and silky, even during those annoyingly long layovers. 

iWALK Mini Portable Charger– I never run out of juice with this super cute pink portable charger!

Travel Silk Pillowcase, Sleep Mask and Hair Tie – If you are like me, then you know the power of having a good sleep and sleeping on a silk/ satin pillowcase. Not only will you find your skin appreciating the softness of this sleep set, but your hair will thank you too! Plus, who wants to worry about bedhead in the morning when you are ready to get up and explore your new vacay spot?! 

Packing Organizers – Wanting to separate outfits for each anticipated occasion on your trip or just want to separate your underwear and bras from your shirts and pants? These organizers are perfect for organizing your luggage and come in handy for your return flight when you need to store away and separate clean from dirty clothes. 

Shoe Organizers – Okay, so prior to shoe organizers, I would literally search for plastic bags to store away my shoes, and sometimes I would even pack them away in a trash bag if I couldn’t find plastic bags. That was fine when traveling alone but when I am traveling in a group, pulling out a massive trash bag isn’t my fav look, lol. So if you don’t want to pull out trash bags and want to look a bit more organized for your travels, why not spend a few extra dollars on some shoe organizers?!

Jewelry Organizer – If you love your jewelry as much as I do, then you know the importance of having a designated organizer for your jewelry collection, especially on long trips! 


Any tips to can give a girl to make the most of her trip? Let me know in the comments.