Beauty Hacks For Hair: The Coconut Oil Hair Hack

May 21, 2021

   For all of you who are familiar with our posts—we love any and all-natural beauty tips, tricks and hacks- whether it be for a no makeup makeup look or opting for skin friendly products to take natural preventative measure from any long term skin damage, we are all for it! Nothing extreme, nothing that requires a visit to the doctor, none of that—although we fully support everyone doing what makes them feel most comfortable, but for the two of us we just prefer to take care of what we have and keep it simple as long as we are feeling good mentally and physically!

While natural beauty tips are far from a new topic, we are discussing a new area we have yet to blog about in our beauty tips, one that is super helpful for those who are trying to achieved that moisturized silky hair look! This is a beauty hack that I (Maddie) have been using for years and has become critical in reviving my hair after making the mistake of going full on blonde (I say mistake because it took about two years to get back to any sort of normalcy when it comes to my natural hair texture). Needless to say, this is a must share as it has helped keep a moisturized look even when my hair was in its worst shape, full on bleached and drier than ever. While I do not have to use this beauty hack nearly as much, I still opt in for this hair treatment every other week as it is the perfect solution to when your hair is feeling drier than usual or duller than usual. Best part y’all?! It solely requires the purchase of coconut oil at the drugstore/ grocery store!

When I went full on blonde I remember spending lots of time researching how to achieve a moisturized look with natural products to find this one simple natural product: coconut oil! While I started out using this product as a leave in conditioner, I quickly began to realize that it made my hair greasier looking than the natural moisturized look I set out for, although not sure what I was expecting with bleaching my hair in the first place?! But after some more research, tips and experimenting- I found a way to apply coconut oil to my hair routine a way that achieved the most natural as possible look as I one could achieve with damaged hair: By adding it on top of my conditioned hair and then reapplying more conditioner to lock in the product and reap the benefits of this natural moisturizing product. Now I am by no means a professional regarding hair care so this is purely from my own experience, but it is a product that is a part of my routine that I keep up with to prevent dull dehydrated looking hair. Of course, I apply conservatively, now that my hair is not bleached and back to regular oily textured, but if I have had a few too many days of blow drying my hair and not being kind to it, I will add in my conditioner then apply the coconut oil to the end (not top as I would look like I hadn’t showered in days) and then reapply conditioner and leave it in my hair for the remainder of my shower. After that I will make sure to wipe the ends of my hair with a towel to avoid the coconut oil clogging the tub but will wash my hair and let it air dry to feel back to normal!