Gifts For People Who Are Hard To Shop For

November 22, 2021
Image of christmas gift bags

When it comes to holiday shopping, there are usually some people on your list who just leave you stumped. You love them and want to gift them something they would appreciate but maybe you don’t see them everyday to know what they may be needing this holiday season or maybe they are one of those people who seems to have everything they want and there isn’t anything that seems like it’ll surprise them! Whatever it may be, we can bet that we all have one of those (at least) loved ones  on our list that we are struggling to cross off our check list at the moment! So of course, we took it upon ourselves to be those besties of yours to give you some helpful ideas of what to gift those specific hard to shop for loved ones this holiday season! In addition to being great gifts ideas for your hard to shop for but very near and dear to your heart (maybe even a parent)- consider these gifts for someone you’re newly dating, your hairdresser, your supervisor/boss, co-worker, or the host(s) of holiday parties you will be attending. If you are prepared in advance, you won’t break your budget and you can get creative with gifts rather than run around over spending on some less than great gifts.

Fifteen Holiday Gifts For People Who Are Hard To Shop For 

  1. Yeti Drinkware – For the wine lovers on your list who could use a cute and functional way to enjoy their drink of choice!
  2. Coffee Gift set– Lots of your favorite coffee places with have gift sets with mugs, packages of coffee
  3. Gift Card For Their Fav Coffee Shop – Do they have that go to coffee shop where they are on a first name basis with the employees?! If so gift them the gift they’ll def use right away!
  4. Bottle of Wine with a Santa Wine Holder– For the hostess of the party or any wine drinker really!
  5. Milk Bar Holiday Gift Sets –  These make wonderful birthday gifts for those who you can’t see but want to send some love to on their special day which also makes them great gifts this holiday season for those who you can’t spend the holidays with and happen to have a   big sweet tooth on your list! These are also great if you are last minute stumped to find something because typically they can be delivered the next day!
  6. Special Wine Stopper– Who couldn’t use of these?! Especially if you are gifting them some wine- with a specialized stopper this makes for a cute decorative gift.
  7. Luxury Candle– Check out our favorite self-care candles to find some high quality candles to gift your loved ones- plus we also have recently fallen for Jo Malone’s Lime Basil and Mandarin (these are splurge worthy but the travel sized is so worth it for the scent it’s one that anyone would want in their home). 
  8. Sports Gear–  Gift them a jersey, sweatshirt, t-shirt etc., that they can switch it up and add in a new game day wear into the rotation for the next/ current season!
  9. Tickets– speaking of sports lovers- if there is a team that they love and you can manage to find tickets that are within price range- think about gifting them the wonderful experience of watching their favorite team play!
  10. Self-Care Gift – if you do know the person pretty well but just aren’t sure what you could gift them that they don’t already have- check out our self-care gifts for women, because lets be honest you can never have too many self-care resources!
  11. Luxury Chocolates– Because who doesn’t love chocolate?!
  12. Cutting board– Who couldn’t use a quality cutting board- it’s a gift that will definitely be put to good use if they cook often!
  13. Charcuterie Board– As we’ve mentioned in our what to bring to Thanksgiving – a cheese board is always appreciated at any gathering so why not gift them a nice board for them to show off the next time they entertain.
  14. Cocktail Napkin Holder with Monogrammed Napkins – These are so simple yet make you feel fancy having your initials on cocktail napkins- especially when you have guests to entertain so why not gift this to someone on your list this year! Plus it’s something that everyone can use and it feels personalized but can be given to anyone on your list no matter how close or not close you consider yourself to them!
  15. Tray (monogrammed) – Again a monogrammed product that works well for those who host gatherings often/ have an outdoor area of their own where they could use a personalized tray to carry those drinks to and fro.

Overall we recommend playing to their interests – as a thoughtful gift, no matter how small, can go a long way in showing your appreciation for them!

We hope that these holiday gift ideas help you shop for those who you love but can be hard to shop to spread love this season- for more holiday gift ideas and content check out our entertainment section here