Natural Beauty Tips: Silk Pillowcases

May 21, 2021
Unwrapping A Blissy Pillowcase

When it comes to beauty, the two of us are all about sharing helpful tips that are simple, natural and emphasize your natural beauty that can be easily implemented into your everyday life because, well, what’s the point of sharing lifestyle tips if they aren’t useful to your day to day life?! We love finding, trying out and sharing any new beauty hacks, products, routines that we feel are successful in providing us gentle care to our face and body, highlighting natural beauty and ultimately help provide us with comfort and care that makes us feel and look our best! We have so much to share when it comes to makeup, hair care, and general lifestyle behaviors that can help with your day to day beauty regiment– so for today we are getting started with the most simple, easiest part to our beauty regimen that has made the world of difference for the two of us– silk pillowcases!

The two of us both started using silk pillowcases a few years back after hearing about the benefits that intrigued us enough to give it a try. Personally (Maddie here) the claims made for preventing wrinkles long term was an interest because I am the constant tosser and turner who would frequently awake to find cotton pillow crease lines imprinted all over my face after some major deep sleep. If one simple behavior such as switching to a new material could help prevent skin damage – then I was for sure going to try it out. Additionally, the thought of having less of morning bed head was of great interest thinking about avoiding those massive knots that took half the conditioner bottle to untangle (wish I was joking). So needless to say, we were excited to jump on the silk pillowcase trend and see for ourselves the results– which for the two of us turned out to be a major success, providing a better night’s rest and WAY less bedhead and hopefully in the long term- less skin damage! Since the we both started using silk pillowcases there have been so many brands coming out with claims of being the best of the best– which is why we wanted to share with y’all today the three brands that we have absolutely loved. From the luxury brand, Blissy, to the affordable amazing amazon finds– we have a range of amazingly soft pillowcases that we recommend giving a try!

A Tie Dye Blissy Pillowcase Box

With so much on the market it is hard to know which to buy, especially when you see the ranges in price, you may wonder which is worth it. We got you covered- we are sharing three brands we have loved using — from¬† affordable to the splurge worthy.

The Three Silk Pillowcase Brands We Love:

1. Blissy This, being that it’s the priciest of them all by far (really far), provides you with highest quality silk to splurge on! This does wonders for your restful night of sleep as I find myself not tossing and turning nearly as much. More noticeably, I don’t wake up with a bed head, ever! Of course, if you are paying this much for a pillowcase you will have those high expectations and they meet them all. Oh and the designs are SOOO adorable– for all you tie- dye lovers, you can find your style in the cutest baby blue light purple tie- dye pillowcase! Price: $$$$$
2. Kitsch This was the first silk pillowcase purchase I made and it clearly did not disappoint as I am still using silk pillowcases to this day! This brand offers you quality softness and in its use as it offers envelop closure pillowcases– all at a way more affordable price than Blissy but also providing you more practicality than the Bedsure open pillowcases! For those who are less concerned with bed head, this is def the choice for you! Price: $
3. Bedsure This is def one of those amazons most recommended products that gets our approval! These silk pillowcases are so affordable, especially in comparison to luxury brands such as Blissy, and still provide that softness we are all after! This softness has allowed me way less bed head since using, which is awesome given the price of this find! So, if you are looking for an affordable purchase, we definitely recommend this amazon find! Price: $