Fun Activities to Do in the Fall

September 3, 2022

If there is something you need to know about me, it is that I love all the cliché aspects of fall. From décor, to cozy comfy cardis, to Halloween movie marathons – I am your girl for  celebrating what makes fall, fall (aside from those near frigid mornings). 

So when it comes to celebrating fall, there is nothing more fun than planning a fun weekend with your friends or your special someone. Regardless of your relationship status, you can have fun making fall dates revolving around all things fall! Make a date to have a fun weekend with your special people and enjoy one of these many fun fall activities as part of your self-care routine. 

Here are some of my favorite fall activities to add to your fall inspo board!

Get Spooked at a Haunted House

Haunted houses are so much fun with groups of people, especially the cheesy ones that aren’t that scary. What sounds better than throwing on a comfy hoodie and leggings and heading out to a haunted attraction with a group of friends on a chilly fall night?

Visit a Pumpkin Patch

Going to a pumpkin patch is one of my favorite wholesome activities during the fall. I have so many great memories of going to pumpkin patches back home on the East Coast with my family when I was growing up, and coming home to carve a pumpkin afterward. Also, if you haven’t tried roasting your pumpkin seeds with a pinch of sea salt, you HAVE to try it this year–trust me.  

Go Apple Picking and Bake an Apple Pie

Baking an apple pie from scratch is a rewarding experience, especially if you picked the apples yourself at a local orchard! I like to experiment with different crust patterns and designs; even if I mess up, it still tastes delicious!

Watch a Football Game

Even if you’re not a big sports person, you can’t deny that there’s something special about watching a football game during the fall. Whether you have tickets to a big NFL game or just want to support your local high school’s team, watching a football game is an essential part of each fall season. 

Make a Cozy Meal

As soon as that first fall breeze rolls through, I break out the dutch oven and start dreaming of all the comfort foods I could make. From soups and stews to pot pies, calories don’t count during the fall! 

Decorate Like Crazy 

Decor is one of the main aspects that I love about fall because there is just so much out there. If you have roommates, plan a day to make your apartment look all cute and cozy and if not, make a date with your friends and head to the nearest Homegoods or Target to find some adorable affordable seasonal decor. Check out my favorite fall finds here

Host a Halloween Party

I am at the age where partying is no longer my forte as I got out those Halloween partying years out in my early to mid twenties, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to celebrate Halloween. Put together a group of friends that you can have a cute little house party celebration this Halloween. If you are still down to party hardy, check out some fun easy Halloween costumes

Host A Friendsgiving 

I know this is getting ahead but it is never too early to plan out each of the Fall holidays. Whether you and your special someone want to host or you and your friends want to plan a Friendsgiving, add this fall celebration to your calendar and start your ultimate Friendsgiving checklist.