Fall Decor Ideas | Your Guide to Fun Fall Decor

September 2, 2022

The one thing that helps keep away those blues as summer ends is indeed the fall aesthetics.  From fall clothes, to the foliage, to décor – the fall aesthetics are the best in my opinion. I can’t wait to start decorating my place with pumpkins, cutesy trinkets, cozy blankets, and of course Halloween décor! The thing is though it is easy to quickly go overboard and spend much more than you expected to, which is why I shared my affordable decor guide

So for those of you who are wondering where to start for ideas and where to look to avoid overpriced items, check out these ideas and Amazon finds to make your place feel as comfy and cozy as you possibly can without breaking the bank! 🙂


Pumpkins are the universal sign that fall is upon us. I love using them to decorate every inch of my apartment, inside and out. I also love the look of white pumpkins for a more minimalistic, boho look and mixing in different kinds of gourds for an even more natural look! While I love a real pumpkin, there are so many cutesy faux pumpkins, too!


I love candles just as much as the next girl, especially fall-scented ones. Lighting a yummy-scented candle is the easiest way to make your space feel cozy and ensure it smells good if you have company. This is one candle from Amazon that comes top rated for fall-scented candles (also the same brand that makes my fav Jo Malone dupe candle) that I am adding to my cart as we speak.


Adding different textures to my space is another way I like to decorate for fall. This can be anything from stacking some pumpkins on top of a hay bale or breaking out my favorite knit throw blanket. Incorporating textures into your decor style has a distinct fall feel, so don’t skip this step when decorating this year! Check out this cute fall throw blanket and these cute fall pillow covers as well as this single pillow cover that will match any living room style. 

Bonus: Halloween Decor 

Decorating specifically for Halloween is optional, but I always like doing it each year. While I avoid anything too over-the-top, I love cutesy witches, pumpkins, and classic ghosts as Halloween decor. Of course, the fun thing about Halloween decor is choosing how much you want to scare your neighbors! (JK). If you are looking for a classy halloween decor for your place, check out these little pumpkins. I also love these cutest Halloween signs and decorative pieces

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