The Best Movies To Watch for St. Patrick’s Day 2021

March 12, 2021
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Back for another #justlivingforyourentertainment, where you can find our top suggestions for you to consider for your next couch date. For those of you who have been reading our blog, you are well aware that we love a good binge watch sesh and reporting back on what we have found well worth the sitting time. You are probably well aware, too, that we love celebrating the holidays and especially entertainment that gets us in the spirit. So with it being March, you can guess that we are making this specific post designated to entertainment considerations for all things Irish! We are so excited about this month’s considerations since they all have some some element to them that will either get you ready for St. Patrick’s day or ready to book that flight to visit Ireland too and ultimately we hope a few of these will get you into that spring state of mind with the greenery.

P.s. — We want to acknowledge that this is a very eclectic (a nice way of saying Random AF) collection of films because as we have come to realize, Hollywood doesn’t create many Irish themed or St. Patrick’s day films.

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Read on to find out what rom-com makes us want to book a trip to Ireland ASAP!

Our Five St. Patrick’s Day Picks

  1. P.S. I love you— This one could have easily been on the list for last month’s Valentine’s day rom- coms to watch but we are happy we waited on this one because I love this Hollywood produced rom-com takes Ireland (for a bit) with many flashbacks to the hollywood heartthrob, Gerard Butler, who plays the charmingly handsome romantic lead who happens to be Irish. This one does have your fair dose of sadness and ugly crying moments, so depending on your mood this may or may not be a good pick but certainly you’ll find the films visuals aesthetically pleasing with all that countryside greenery surrounded by the deep blue sea. Where to Watch: HBO Max, Amazon Prime
  1. Leap Year— After seeing afilm like this you will wonder why hollywood doesn’t have more romantic films where the entirety of the film takes place in this beautiful country. This plot is definitely entertaining but it isn’t a rom-com that I would remember as one to write home about if it weren’t for it being one of the few rom-comes set in Ireland. But either way, don’t let this deter you from not watching this film, it is still very entertaining and cute and delivers you that dose of rom-com. I think it is funny and definitely not a coincidence they pick a red head (amy adams) to play the american girl visiting Ireland but needless to say she does a great job acting and the cinematography displays all the beauty Ireland has to offer, making you too want to book a trip to Ireland ASAP. Where to Watch: Amazon Prime
  1. Brooklyn— This film has def not been given enough credit as it wasn’t until this year that I saw it, which is very odd being the all things Irish fan that I am and a sucker for any romantic film. But more importantly this film is about a young Irish girl who immigrates to the U.S. and is forced to leave her family back in Ireland. Upon integrating into the U.S. she meets a love interest, who happens to be Italian, which was a BD (big deal) to the both of them as they were not used to associating, nevertheless dating, with those outside of their backgrounds. I am slightly biased, having studied the Irish Immigration back in college, I found this very entertaining for my sociological perspective, as well as my pure love for romance and all things Irish! Still rest assured that any viewer, no matter your opinion on time period pieces, will be satisfied with this one, as I would be the first to suggest a modern day love story and still found this historical fictional piece to be exceptional and entertaining. Where to Watch: Amazon Prime
  1. Holidate— If you have seen this film, you may be wondering why we would chose it but let us not forget that this film covers many holidays, one of which being St. Patricks day. So if you feel your are missing celebrating this special holiday for the second year in a row, or almost with 2020’s celebratory weekend being shutdown halfway thru, you can get a small dose/ fix of the stereotypical american version (for most young adults) of what it means to celebrate this holiday. On another note, there is something to be said for watching this film at this time of the year as this film starts off with the cold dreary winter weather and moves towards the warmer holidays, giving us the reminder and encouragement that we need that warm weather is indeed right around the corner! We are trying to avoid being redundant with this rec but I think it’s important to remind y’all that, yes, St. Patricks day was featured (for a few minutes) in the many holidates of this film. Where to Watch: Netflix
  1. Luck of the Irish— Of course it wouldn’t be a St. Patrick’s day movie list if it didn’t have this childhood #tbt film– The Luck of the Irish. Again, as we are typing away, we find ourselves asking why doesn’t hollywood start to recognize the lack of Irish/ Ireland films because and it not being a very saturated market that a film can excel easily in, purely due to its Irish elements?! Because case and point, ask any kid who watched disney channel in the early 2000’s and they will quickly mention this as a TBT film irregardless of it being St. Patrick’s day– because it is so memorable and specific and none much like it! Either way though, this was such a fun one to put on as a kid at any time of the year, butespecially the month of march, and now as adults we can thank none other than disney plus for making it easy to access this film. Where to Watch: Disney Plus
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It wouldn’t be a St. Patrick’s Day movie guide without this disney channel #tbt!