Self-Care Ideas For The Fall

September 24, 2021
Image of a Fall Decorative Signs that read hello fall

Welcome to Fall y’all- we are now officially at the start of fall, which for lots of people can feel like a re-start coming off of that summer mode – refreshed and energized. From our experience, the summer seems to bring a relaxed state when it comes to our responsibilities due to the desire to soak up all the rays and vitamin D possible in preparation for the months to come without it.  So when September rolls around and the weather shifts, it seems like there is a sudden hault to that lax mode that is met sharp laser focus and adrenaline to catch up on work and meet the new goals we have set for ourselves. While a more focused mindset can be great, especially for career purposes, we can’t help but notice the increase in tension and anxiety as time goes on and we try to uphold those high standards and meet those goals we set for ourselves when we were in a far more energized well rested state coming off of summer. So this fall we are prepping for the seasonal change by focusing on ways to incorporate self- care that is particular to the fall to give us the best of both worlds and truly makes us stop and focus on the present and appreciate the season we are in. So below you can find five activities we plan to incorporate and have found helpful in the past. Let us know what ways you incorporate self-care that are specific to the fall!

Five Self-Care Ideas For The Fall:

1.) Hiking– With cooler, moderate temperatures but not yet that chilly winter air- take advantage of any hiking trails near you and plan for a Saturday or Sunday hike. There is something so peaceful and rejuvenating about being in nature and while we ourselves cant claim to be the types of girls that frequently venture into the woods or nature walks when we do- we can feel that major need to disconnect that we have been depriving ourselves of.

2.) Decorating– without sounding like a broken record- decor is one of those fun festive ways to embrace the season you are in. Plus it always helps setting up your living space to your liking. This will give you a chance to reflect on decor that still serves a purpose and those that may be best to be given away to limit any clutter that could add to stress and then in return incorporate those decorative essentials that will give your place all those seasonal vibes!

3.) Bike rides– Before we head into the winter that will make biking a bit less convenient or possible or by our standards, safe, take a bike ride around a pretty setting that you have been wanting to explore. We know for ourselves that we do best in more rural settings to leisurely bike around.

4.) Baking– If you have never seen it before, venture to your nearest traders Joe’s for some affordable and very festive fall like foods. Often times trader Joes has their own pumpkin mixes that are easy to make for a fall afternoon full of delish baked goods! as mentioned before on our insta, Sara finds baking on Sundays a great self-care activity to get out of that Sunday scaries mindset that we sometimes find ourselves falling prey to, but baking something delish can get your mind away from whatever type of week you are anticipating and focusing on the present with a great reward to enjoy in the near future!

5.) Find your fall entertainment– whether you have a favorite sports team or you have a genre that you love- find a way to incorporate this into your weekly routine to have some time to block off to yourself or away from responsibilities and look forward to mindless entertainment. The fall brings around many new shows or new seasons of shows that you can look forward to on a weekly basis and of course there is Sunday night football that you can count on for that fall like experience. Making a date with your couch and with or without company that you can plan on on a weekly basis can give you consistency and something to joyful and not stressful to look forward to (unless its a close football game- but still you get our point, something totally different non work related)


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