Boho Jewelry for The Fall

September 23, 2022

Are you looking for that perfect fall look? Check out these four pieces of fall boho jewelry I’ve been vibing with this year. 

As you probably know by now, my personal style tends to fall in the boho category. Whether it’s boho minimalist jewelry or designing my home with some beachy boho decor, I love the simplicity and minimalism of the boho style. 

I also love the boho style because there are no rules, and you can make any outfit unique by adding boho accessories. 

One of the biggest ways I personally like to accessorize is through my jewelry. I’ll usually start with my outfit as my “base” and then add necklaces, earrings, rings, and bracelets until I feel like my look is complete. 

With the arrival of fall, I’ve been breaking out some of my favorite pieces and some new boho jewelry I’m excited to start wearing. Here are just a few pieces of fall boho jewelry I’ve been experimenting with this year. As some of you may know, I am a huge fan of celestial boho jewelry and although you can find this type of jewelry in my OOTD regardless of the season, I especially love this look for Fall, to give you those harvest moon vibes. 😉 


Azora Leather Wrap Bracelet – This fall I am making it a goal to prioritize or at the very least add in more bracelets. I am all about rings and necklaces, often neglecting how stylish the simple addition of a bracelet can be to your OOTD. I love this boho/celestial thick bracelet wrap and the color will be sure to match your Fall wardrobe! 


Aquinnah Crescent Moon Climber Studs – These are the perfect pair of earrings that are simple yet give you more style day-to-day. You can’t go wrong with a pair of studs like these and as you all know as a celestial jewelry lover, finding a cute pair of moon-shaped earrings is just the perfect way to start your day this fall when getting ready for whatever outing. 


Fashion Earrings With Tassels – If you want a bang for your buck, add this to your Amazon cart for fall jewelry! Between the reds, the auburns, and tassels – you will be fully decked out in boho fall jewelry! 


Gold Arrow Stacking Ring – You know how much I love Helen Ficalora’s jewelry and this ring is perfect for a simple boho fall look. Helen Ficalora’s simple gold rings are dainty enough to stack on top of each other without feeling bulky. Plus, this ring is made with solid 14k gold, only costs $250, and basically goes with any outfit or any piece of jewelry. This is the perfect ring to add to your fall fashion set and will probably stay on your finger for the whole year.  


Gold Plated Stargazing Hoops – Also from Free People, these gold hoops adorned with tiny stars are sooo pretty and are dainty enough for everyday wear. The star and moon impressions are perfect for summer or fall vibes and the hoops just look amazing. I love this piece of celestial jewelry and it’s perfect for late fall nights under the moonlight or by a bonfire. Definitely add this to your next shopping list. 


Turandoss Layered Necklace – This Amazon best seller piece is sure to benefit any boho lover’s wardrobe this fall! I love the layered look and I love the mix and match in shapes between the bar and triangle.


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