Celestial Jewelry | Best Celestial Jewelry Pieces Online

June 21, 2022

If you’re looking for some celestial jewelry to add to your collection, I’ve got you covered with some of my favorite pieces for any budget and style.

Anyone who knows me knows I LIVE for a good piece of jewelry. Adding accessories can instantly elevate any look and make you look expensive, like these affordable Boho necklaces on Amazon.

While I typically refer to my taste in jewelry as boho, I will say that I have a strong presence of celestial jewelry in my jewelry collection. I live for sunsets and summer nights spent under the moon trying to spot as many shooting stars as possible. So when it comes to jewelry, I love it when I find pieces that represent the moon and the stars.

To me, jewelry is a form of self-expression, so I try my best to keep my eyes open for celestial pieces to add to my collection. As a result, I have found some awesome brands with a lot of celestial jewelry that I figured I would share as well as some pieces I have my eyes on at the moment.

Even if you have your staple collection for summer, it is never too early to start your fall wardrobe, and nothing says fall for an east coast boho girl like some whimsigoth looking jewelry to celebrate the spooky season, am I right?! So here are a few of my fave pieces!

Aquinnah Jewelry: This has and will always be a collection I turn to for unique, east coast boho celestial vibes. Inspired by my favorite island, Martha’s Vineyard, this brand features some amazing handmade celestial pieces that I have gotten so many compliments on. Check out these celestial pieces:

Amazon: For the most affordable options, check out Amazon’s collection of crescent moon necklaces. Some of my favorites and top sellers are:

Helen Ficalora: If you have read my boho minimalist jewelry post, you know I love this brand, especially for necklaces, which you can add to and layer. The same can be done for other pieces like these stackable rings below:

Local Eclectic: Local Eclectic is a brand that all celestial jewelry lovers should have their eyes on, and if you could use some studs for cartilage piercings, check out these adorable pieces-


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