Beauty Tips For Face: Splurge Worthy Serum For Sensitive Skin

August 9, 2021
Close up of serum

After having dealt with acne for many years, more specifically moderate persistent (hormonal acne), I have finally reached a point where my skin feels healthy.  Since it has taken so much time, lots of trial and error with brands promising to be the cure all for acne, and ultimately relying upon clinical level treatment interventions to get to the state that my skin is at today- I am conscious about the products I put on my face to maintain my relatively blemish free post treatment skin.  So today, I am sharing one of the products from my skin care routine that I have found to be great in targeting and treating those stubborn post acne red spots that lead to blemished skin. If you have sensitive skin then I am sure you know how frustrating it can be to deal with those red spots long after a breakout heals- which is what has turned me onto this amazing serum that I consider to be splurge worthy- Kiehl’s Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution Serum.

(Note: This is not a sponsored review from Kiehl’s, this is just a favorite brand that I love and want to share my personal experience with!)

Kiehl’s Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Corrector

Image of Kiehl's Bottle

Use: This product can be found under face serums on Kiehl’s website here. I use this serum everyday after washing my face! Personally, I find that a tiny bit goes a long way, with one drop getting the job done before applying my moisturizers and other face products I use.

Personal Experience & Why I Love It: As mentioned, I have noticed a change over time in the lack of red blemished skin, aka those post acne spots! While there are many contributing factors to the state of my skin- I was able to notice a change in my skin when I went from using this product daily to becoming lazy and not getting a refill once I ran out. Shortly after some time without this serum, I began to notice a build up of red spots that wouldn’t go away. While these weren’t necessarily breakout, it was frustrating to not have that clear skin I had become accustomed to. Trying my best to not get frustrated and give it some time, I realized that the only change that I could think of was the discontinuing of this serum in my everyday skin care. In desperation, I ran to the nearest Kiehl’s and made sure to get back on track incorporating this into my skin care routine. With time and care, I began to notice a return to my more tame, non-blemished skin!  While I am usually skeptical about giving much credit to the effectiveness of over the counter skin care products in treating acne prone skin, I am very appreciative in what this product has done for my sensitive skin-  not causing any irritation, keeping my skin hydrated, and most importantly keeping it blemish free.