Best Netflix Christmas Movies

December 20, 2022

When it comes to the holidays, one of my favorite ways to celebrate the season is with some self-care: spending the night in and watching my favorite holiday films. While I have my go-to holiday classics, I also love discovering new movies which is why Netflix is a game changer during the holiday season. Each year, I look forward to the new films that debut. For those who have yet to discover Netflix holiday originals, here are the best of the best.


The Holidate

One of Netflix’s best drama holiday originals and in general, one of my favorite holiday films, this movie stars Emma Roberts as a single millennial girl trying to make it through another holiday without the sole focus of her family being on her dating life or lack thereof. This is great for most twenty-somethings to watch and appreciate this holiday season. 


Single All The Way

This cast perfectly presents us with a funny rom-com holiday film. A single man heads home for the holidays with a recently broken heart and brings his best friend and roommate home with him to try to avoid his family’s favorite topic of discussion – his relationship status. Upon returning home he finds himself set up on a date by his mom (with her fitness instructor) who seems to be his perfect match but soon after meeting this perfect match on paper, he begins to wonder if there is more of a romantic connection than platonic with his best friend.  


Love Hard

A modern take on dating during the holidays, this movie starring Nina Dobrev has plenty of funny moments and unfortunate moments when Dobrev finds herself swiping across what she believes to be the perfect match, only to find out that she has been catfished. The bigger problem: she flew across the country and committed to spending the holiday with the match/catfish. 


Father Christmas Is Back

If you love all things British and messy family dynamics, then watch this Netflix original. Between the setting of the movie, a castle, and the extremely different personalities of each of the relatives, there is plenty of holiday season entertainment to be had in watching this Netflix original. 


Dash & Lily

Two young, single, adults living in the big apple, find themselves in a unique situation when they stumble across a notebook that details one another’s personal thoughts and messages. The two have very differentiating views on the holidays and yet they seem to form a special connection through this notebook that gets them through the holidays feeling special. This is a very cute and heartwarming Netflix series and probably one of my favorites when it comes to a holiday mini-series. 


Midnight At The Magnolia

This is a less cheesy version of Hallmark holiday films: it is lighthearted, with enough drama to keep you entertained, and will give you holiday vibes, especially with it taking place in Chicago which feels like a city that goes all out for the holidays. Two radio star co-hosts fake a relationship for the ratings but finds it much more of a challenge than they anticipated.