Amazon Prime Holiday Movies To Stream

December 21, 2022

Wanting another self-care day spent on the couch snuggled up watching holiday movies?! No problem! Grab some snacks and head over to Amazon Prime to check out these original holiday films. Here are some of my recent favorites from the past few years:


About Fate 

Emma Roberts always plays a relatable millennial with lots of sarcasm and self-deprecation and she is back at it in this role in this holiday film. While it’s not entirely centered around the holidays, it does occur over New Year’s Day, giving you a good movie to watch the day after Christmas and pre-New Year’s! 


Your Christmas Or Mine

Two young adults decide to one-up one another by making a last-minute trip to each other’s family homes. They both find themselves stuck at each other’s family homes and are in for quite the shock to see what each other’s family is like for the first time without their significant other.


 Something From Tiffany’s

Imagine being accidentally proposed to?! That’s exactly what happens in this movie when a girl finds herself being gifted an engagement ring from her boyfriend, who accidentally swapped Tiffany’s boxes with a stranger. Find out what happens in this entertaining and lighthearted holiday rom-com. 


Christmas Is Canceled 

A very underrated holiday movie, in my opinion. I love Dermott Mulroney so that easily enticed me to watch this, especially since Family Stone is one of my all time favorite holiday films. And for any PLL fans, Janel Parrish stars as the childhood frenemy of the main character, Emily, who finds out that her father and Parrish have recently started dating. Talk about a messy relationship dynamic for all three to navigate! The three must find a way to get through their first holiday together and as you can guess, so much chaos ensues.