A Tall Girl’s Guide To Clothing: Where To Shop For Shorts

July 9, 2021
Image of Maddie Take A picture in shorts and tank top with a pink background with the title written across

Contrary to popular belief (and by that I am referring to the beliefs of those who are in charge of sizing in women’s fashion), tall lengths aren’t just needed for pants- they are also needed for shorts.  Being that it seems to be such a radical idea to sell tall sized shorts- I, and I’m sure most tall girls, have struggled to find well- fitted shorts throughout the years. The struggle lies in finding shorts that are short enough to keep cool during the hottest of summer days all the while still providing just enough length and material to cover what you want to be covered. Since I am very familiar with this tall girl struggle and know how time consuming it can be to find the perfect pair, I am sharing two brands with y’all that you have (likely) heard of but maybe hadn’t yet discovered their select styles that are suitable for us long legged girls!

Tall Friendly Shorts:

Old Navy

Close up of Maddie Wearing Old Navy ShortsWhile this brand does offer tall pants, as mentioned in my post on where to find jeans with long inseams, they unfortunately they do not offer talls in their everyday go to type of shorts (they do however offer talls in the lounge style shorts, btw!) but fortunately, I have found a pair that work well for the taller than average girl! They sell their linen shorts in a couple different lengths, such as 4 inch and 4.5 inch inseams, which is a nice option for us tall women to have who can appreciate that extra .5 of length! At the time of purchasing these shorts (the ones pictured below),  I was unaware of the option to choose from different inseams but regardless, I found the shorter length to fit just long enough for my tall self to comfortably wear!

The Style To Consider:  Mid Rise Linen Blend Shorts (note: I have this style in black, but at the moment they only have this select style in black in the high rise). I have yet to try the other styles from Old Navy in the different lengths offered but I would highly recommend checking our their website to see other styles available!



Urban Outfitters

Close up of BDG labe and Tag on a pair of jeans

The A Line Denim BDG Jeans are where it is at for tall girls!

While Urban Outfitters does not have a designated tall section at all, don’t overlook this brand because certain items of theirs, particularly those from BDG,  seem to run longer than you would expect for regular sized length inseams, especially when it comes to their mom jeans and the shorts highlighted in this post!  These are perfect for tall girls who want that relaxed fit in the thigh but way more fitted at the waist!  As someone who often has to break in the shorts before wearing due to the thigh area being a little tighter than the waist fits, these are the most ideal pair I have found!

Recommended Styles: Any of the BDG A Line Denim! Below you will find most of the patterns and colors that are offered in this specific style! 


While I may have reviewed Gap in my Tall Jean Guide , I was not aware that they have tall’s in their shorts, which is amazing being that I have yet to come across a brand that does this, so this will for sure be a brand that I look into the next time I am in search for some shorts! While I can’t provide specific styles that I enjoy or have, I would say that if you are tired of purchasing shorts for the full price and getting half the coverage- why not check out a brand that I specializing in tall girl shorts?!