My Guide To A Weekend In Fort Worth

May 2, 2022
Image of Maddie taking a photo in the mirror

As much as I love living in beautiful Dallas, Texas, I had been wanting to do a little getaway weekend trip to see some different scenery. My boyfriend suggested checking out Fort Worth, a small city where he lived in for a while, for a little laidback getaway. The first thing I noticed is how different Fort Worth is compared to Dallas- it’s much smaller and has more of a chill, quiet vibe than my big, bustling city. (Fun fact for pop culture fans: part of the hit series Yellowstone was actually filmed in the stockyards of Fort Worth!)  As a native East Coaster, I have truly never visited a place quite like Fort Worth, and I managed to visit some super cool spots during my quick 24-hour trip. Here are some of my faves! 

My Guide To A Weekend In Fort Worth:

Image of Kimpton Hotel Room In Fort Worth Where to Stay In Fort Worth: Image of Kimpton Hotel

Kimpton Harper Hotel

We ended up staying at the Kimpton Harper Hotel, which was conveniently located right downtown. The hotel was perfect for us both- comfortable, clean and quiet!

The Ashton Hotel

The Ashton Hotel is another local gem that combines old-world charm and modern luxury to make your stay feel super special. While we, unfortunately, didn’t get a chance to stay in the Ashton (it was booked for a wedding) during this visit to Fort Worth,  it is definitely on my itinerary for next time and it is a favorite of my boyfriends to stay at!

Image of Maddie sitting at a coffee shop in fort worth

Check out Vaquero coffee shop for a cute little hidden coffee shop right off Sundance Square!

Things To Do In Forth Worth:

Image of downtown Fort Worth at night

It is a much more low key laid back night life in downtown Fort Worth area which was perfect for our laidback getaway 🙂

Sundance Square

If you’re planning a trip to Fort Worth, you MUST visit Sundance Square. Sundance Square is a unique open space with tons of cool coffee shops, restaurants, and boutiques. Think of it as a central part of town, where everyone gravitates toward on a Friday or Saturday night.

Looking for those western vibes I was referencing?! Check out the Sid Richardson Museum to learn more about the American West and soak in all of the history and culture Fort Worth has to offer.

In need of a pick-me-up? Grab some caffeinated goodness at Vaquero Coffee Company, a super cute cafe that quickly became my favorite during my visit. Vaquero is the perfect place to stop if you’re looking for a quiet, chill place to have a coffee and grab a bite to eat for breakfast.

When I stopped by on a Saturday morning, there were a few groups of people reading or working on their laptops throughout the cafe, so be sure to check out Vaquero if you’re looking for a spot to cram for finals week!

Image of a book with notes written in

At Thompson’s Bookstore they delivered the check in a book that had cool notes written by past costumers from the early 2000’s!

Clay Pigeon

On Friday night, we secured a late reservation at Clay Pigeon, a popular restaurant in Fort Worth. On par with the low-key vibe of the city, Clay Pigeon was half empty by the time we arrived at 9pm, but this made for a relaxing dining experience for us. The food was delish and the menu featured a wide variety of options for different tastes and food preferences. So if you go, be sure to try the salmon dish- you won’t regret it! And if you are looking for an additional entree to go with the salmon, the Strawberry and Beet Salad at Clay Pigeon is delish.

Thompsons Book Store in Fort Worth

As the name would suggest, this bar is decked out in books and book decor.

Thompson’s Bookstore

After dinner, we ventured back to the downtown area to grab a drink at an intimate bar and stumbled upon Thompson’s Bookstore. The drinks were great, but what really was our favorite part of our visit was the hidden basement bar that required a secret code to gain access to it. To find out the code, they told us to go to the bar’s Instagram or Twitter to find out the question of the night.

Then, we made our way to the bouncer at the door hidden inside a bookshelf and told him our answer. Thompson’s Bookstore was by far one of the coolest places I visited in Fort Worth and one I will definitely be visiting again!

Image of Stockyards

The Stock Yards are a must see!


As much as I may sound like a tourist, you can’t go to Fort Worth without visiting the stockyards! Walking around the stockyards feels like stepping onto an old western movie set, which is an experience I really enjoyed.

While visiting the stockyards, I noticed a mix of tourists such as myself and locals running errands, which was interesting to see. There are lots of tourist-y shops at the stockyards, but they still maintain many historic attractions, like cowboy museums and the twice daily cattle drive.

Image of billy bobs

Billy bobs has lots of entertainment to offer, being that is proclaimed as the largest bar in the world!

Billy Bob’s

To close out my weekend with a bang, I grabbed a drink at none other than Billy Bob’s, a bar that claims to be one of the largest in the world. Upon walking in, I noticed the handprints of all of the performers who have played at Billy Bob’s lining the walls, which I thought was a really cool touch.

Shortly after that, I entered what was easily one of the largest open rooms filled with tons of open bars, pool tables, dance floors, and of course: a bull riding room. Billy Bob’s is an 18 and up establishment, so be prepared to see a mix of all ages hanging out inside. It wasn’t too crowded when we visited in the late afternoon, but it was still lively enough considering how big of a bar it is.


I had so much fun in Fort Worth and I am definitely hoping to return sometime in the future! If you have ever visited Fort Worth, what were some of your favorite local attractions?


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