A Day In Lismore | 7 Amazing Lismore Destinations

August 2, 2022

Lismore is a beautiful and underrated destination in Ireland. Here are my seven favorite destinations I visited in Lismore.


I visited many amazing places during my trip to Ireland, such as Dublin, Blarney and Kinsale. However, one of the most underrated places I’ve visited that anyone should check out on their to Ireland is Lismore.

Lismore is a beautiful, charming small town in Ireland located in Waterford County. It is filled with history and friendly residents and makes for the perfect place to stop and visit while in Ireland to give you the full experience. While this town is small, there is enough to keep your day filled with things to do, and here are some of my best rec’s for visiting Lismore.  

  1. Lismore Castle Gardens: Of course, you will want to stop by Lismore Castle and get as close to it as possible by touring the beautiful gardens. The views and the flowers will give you the most picturesque afternoon in Ireland. If you’re staying in Ireland for a while, you can take home your own basket of flowers and goods to carry with you back to your abode. 

  3. Lismore Castle Arts: Art lovers will want to make a stop at this museum after touring the gardens. During our visit, the art exhibit was full of female artists with lots of feminist art work! 

  5. St. Carthage’s Roman Catholic Church: Ireland is full of history, and a lot of that history can be learned in the many churches in Ireland. St. Carthage’s Roman Catholic Church and the Cathedral are absolutely stunning and are great places to go sightseeing in Lismore. The architecture is stunning and will make you feel like you’re walking through living history. 

  7. Blackwater River: Looking to go for a scenic walk?! Of course, the entire town makes for a scenic walk but walking along the river is a pretty walk, especially if you walk down the forest path! While visiting during the summer, you will see residents and visitors swimming in the water and hanging out by the river during the day. 

  9. Foley’s On The Mall: Foley’s is a popular spot to grab drinks and dinner! I highly recommend it to all visitors. 

  11. The Classroom Bar: On Thursday nights, you can enjoy live music and good drinks with many residents. This was a fun activity for all of us younger adults to go to as a group and take in Lismore’s low-key but friendly social scene. 

  13. Redhouse Inn: This place is another popular weekend bar to grab drinks and hang out with your friends or family!