A Day in Blarney and Kinsale | Your Ultimate Guide

July 28, 2022

I recently took a trip to Blarney and Kinsale and recorded all of the fun places I visited so you know where to visit.


During my trip to beautiful Ireland, I made a day trip to Blarney and Kinsale while traveling with my significant other. Both are popular locations to visit in County Cork with a rich history, beautiful architecture, and some amazing landmarks. 

Blarney is most known for Blarney Castle, while Kinsale is known for being a beautiful coastal town. Both were amazing places to spend an afternoon at, and what made it even better was that we were able to go to both spots on the same day, with each of these spots being just about an hour away from each other.  

So if you are visiting Ireland, consider making a day trip out to these two beautiful and magical spots! Here is what I enjoyed and did on my day trip to Blarney and Kinsale.


Our Afternoon In Blarney

As previously mentioned, Blarney is a highly sought-after destination mainly because of the Blarney Castle. Blarney itself is a small quiet town where you can enjoy delish food.

Blarney Castle 

Blarney Castle is an amazing sight to see, and its beauty is enough to make the trip worthwhile. One of the most common activities at the castle is kissing the Blarney Stone. There are many stairs to hike, so be prepared to bring your walking shoes.


Blarney Castle Gardens

While I love flowers and gardens, I was expecting to be more drawn to the castle. While I loved visiting the castle, the gardens were really what blew me away. 

 Visiting these gardens felt mystical and magical. Reading about the gardens’ history and enjoying a historical piece of nature gave me all the feels. If you do explore the gardens, be sure to do the wishing steps- where you’ll walk backward, eyes closed, thinking about your wish!

Muskerry Arms

Followed by our tour of the castle, we took a short scenic walk through a little park in Blarney and grabbed lunch at Muskerry Arms! The food was fantastic, and it was a great place to bring a large group, especially a large group of sports fans since they have TVs and sports on the back patio!


Our Afternoon In Kinsale

Kinsale is about an hour’s drive from Blarney and is definitely a spot you don’t want to miss. If you love coastal towns, scenic walks, bright houses, and buildings, visiting Kinsale is a must! The only thing I would have changed about this visit was staying longer to get more time walking around and exploring.

Downtown Kinsale

Enjoy a beautiful walk along the cobblestone and bright, beautiful buildings along Market Street and Market Quay. Kinsale is a spot where you will want to walk around and take in its beauty! There are excellent shopping options downtown. For art lovers, don’t miss out on the galleries!



The Spaniard

This pub came highly recommended to my boyfriend by a few guys he played golf with who were from Ireland. They said this was the spot to grab beers and have a good time. So while we went during the week and the daytime, we still enjoyed our own company, great drinks, and friendly and welcoming vibes.