A Day in Dublin

July 19, 2022

If you’ve read my post on what to pack for Ireland, you’ll know that I visited Ireland last week. To say I had a good time would be an understatement – I absolutely LOVED it. From the people to the food to the beautiful greenery and overall just quality time spent with my family- it was a trip that I will forever be grateful for. 

Since I come from an extremely Irish family, making the trip to the Emerald Isle was a no-brainer for us. While we ventured to all different parts of Ireland during our trip and being the country girl I am, I loved spending time in the country. Of course, when you visit Ireland, you must spend a weekend in Dublin!  

If you know anything about Ireland, you know that Dublin, the capital city, is sort of the epicenter of fun and excitement. Being that it is a popular destination for visitors, I figured I would give a quick recap on the pubs to check out and places to stay, and little gems to find 😉 

Be sure to bring your best street shoes because there are lots to see and the best way to take to the city is on foot!  

Where We Stayed

Jury’s Inn This is a popular hotel, especially for tourists who are there to sightsee because it is in the center of the city and makes all your destinations within reach! 

Where We Ate:

Matt The Thresher All seafood lovers and pescatarians can enjoy a luxurious dining experience with tasty food at Matt The Thresher! 

The Brazen Head The oldest pub in Ireland- this spot offers great drinks and great food to welcome you to this amazing city! 

The Ivy  Although we were unable to get a reservation here, this was highly recommended by my cousin who has lived in Dublin for the past year. This is a restaurant where you need to make a reservation ahead of time and want to dress up and enjoy eating in a beautiful setting. 

Pubs To Visit

O’Donoghue’s Bar This pub was recommended to my boyfriend by a few different Dublin residents for a traditional Dublin pub experience, and boy, do you get just that! Go on a Friday, and you will find a lot of residents grabbing drinks and singing along to live Irish music. Everyone seemed to know each other here, which was cool to see as a visitor and take in some of the culture. 

Whelan’s Live – Okay, so what drew me to this pub was the very fact that it was in a few scenes in one of my favorite movies, P.S. I Love You. I made sure that this was first on the list of places to visit. You can enjoy great drinks and entertainment with their live music! 

The Hairy Lemon –  The name is enough to pique your interest, but this is a very popular bar for people in Dublin. 

The Auld Dubliner – This was a spot that we found as a group to enjoy some live music and drinks. A lot of the live music was ironically American, but this didn’t stop us from enjoying the culture of Ireland as there were tons of residents dancing and singing along during the day and lots of twenty-somethings out having a good time.

The Temple Bar Pub – You’ll find tourists, like myself, stopped outside taking pictures of this popular spot with lots of curbside appeal with decorative lights all year long. This pub offers a wide selection of whiskeys, making it a popular pub to add to your list! 

Places To Check Out

Trinity College Dublin – Enjoy a leisurely walk along one of the most beautiful campuses! 

Dublina – If you stay at the Jury’s Inn Christchurch, make sure to visit this Viking Museum to get your fix of medieval Viking history. 

River Liffey – Of course, a walk along the river that runs through Dublin is amazing!

Any places I missed? Be sure to drop a comment below.