11 Tips to Dress Your Best as a Wedding Guest

July 15, 2022

Having a very large extended family of over 40 first cousins, I have been a guest at many weddings over the years. Now, being that I am 28, I anticipate having many more to attend, whether as a plus one or be it a friend of my own.

I have a relatively small friend group, always have and probably always will (#shygirlproblems), so I haven’t had many weddings outside the family. Still, this past weekend I went as a plus one to a wedding that I was last-minute scrambling to find the perfect dress to wear. 

I know that weddings are about celebrating the couple but being a guest, you want to make sure that you dress accordingly (aka not demanding attention but dressy enough). So with so many weddings happening during the summer months, I thought this would be a good time to talk about wedding guest fashion and tips for dressing accordingly. 

11 Style Tips and Things To Consider For Wedding Guest Dresses

  1. Stay away from white at all costs. Of course, most all of us already know this, yet I still always end up seeing a wedding guest wearing an off shade of white. So just say no to white, ivory, and off-white dresses, even if they have a print. 
  2. Re-check the invitation to see if there is a black-tie preferred listed on the invite. 
  3. When in doubt, wear a midi length or maxi dress! In my personal experience, dresses that are midi length seem to be the most worn. Dresses that hit above the knee seem to be less and less popular throughout the years for wedding guest attire. 
  4. If you have time, take an afternoon to hit up some boutiques near you. I have had the best wedding guest shopping in boutiques. While it can be a hit or miss, when you do find a dress, you can almost be sure that no one else will have it. Plus, you can help small businesses!
  5. Check out #weddingguestdress #weddingguestoutfit on IG for some ideas!
  6. If you are a visual person like myself and want an idea of styles but may not need a specific dress, head to Pinterest to get some inspo, especially for seasonal wear. 
  7. If you shop online and need some guidance, filter for wedding guest options on websites like Nordstrom. Be sure to filter for cocktail dresses as well when searching for occasions. 
  8. Bock Heels! Block heels are in style and hopefully here to stay for years to come because these are by far the comfiest option for shoes when it comes to wedding guest attire, especially if it is an outdoor wedding. 
  9. Bring a shawl/wrap for coverage for evening wear. Personally, this is a must for me and almost always used! 
  10. Check out brands like Lulu’s that have affordable options and a specific category for wedding guest dresses. 
  11. Tall Girl?! Check out my list of brands to help you find tall girl friendly dresses 🙂