Sun Hats for Large Heads

April 6, 2021

Following up on our last post where we discussed sunscreen for sensitive skin, we are discussing another product that we turn to to combat sun damage- hats! More specifically, we are presenting you with the best available hats that also happen to tailor to larger heads. As specific as it may seem, it’s an all too real problem for lots of women– where in the world do we find hats that do not take a one sized fits all approach?! With hats being super popular and 90’s trends like the bucket hat making a major comeback, you would hope that it would be welcomed back with a updated, modern, inclusive sizing chart in the year of 2021 but unfortunately that is not the case for most brands. It took literally until this past summer to stumble upon a few brands that have moved beyond the very outdated one size fits all approach to sizing in women’s fashion. Thanks to these two brands, we can now rejoice and partake in the latest trends from head to toe (…….although women’s shoes still have far to go but that’s a post for another day)! 

Image of Brixton Hat beside Pool

Who doesn’t love some fun in the sun?! Try out this brand to keep your face properly shielded this summer!


Favorite Style Sun Hats From Brixton:

Brixton Joanna Straw Hat

This is the ultimate hat brand as it provides multiple sizes and it really does give you lots of room in each size. That being said, expect a little bit of extra space, as I ordered the medium and I don’t think I would have gone down to a small but there is def some extra space but no complaints here because it makes it the comfiest sun hat to wear. I am about to order some other styles to vary up my hat game this summer and am happy to report back that all the other types come in multiple sizes too! 

Brixton Essex Rafia Bucket Hat

Love this bucket hat as it stands out from the rest being more summer 90’s vibes meets contemporary style with the woven detail! I am a huge fan of black basics because, well, they match everything but to avoid wearing too much of it, options such as this hat provide the perfect blend to add variation and still match most outfits. This hat makes for the perfect packable light weight weekender hat for this summer. Visit Nordstrom’s website to see more details on this stylish hat!