Maddie’s Favorite Tie-Dye Brands

April 8, 2021
Maddie In Tie Dye Sweatshirt Taking A Mirror Picture

While tie dye may be making a major comeback, for one of us (Maddie) tie- dye never went out of style, with this pattern always being a personal fav to wear from childhood up to now! All that has changed has been my ability to wear more variety with brands pushing tie dye left and right! While I have been fully enjoying all the variety when it comes to t-shirts and sweatshirts, I have been absolutely loving the tie-dye collections from two brands lately! One of these, is a brand that I have been loving for some time now, well before tie-dye was making its comeback and the other is a newer discovery. These two brands not only provide you with stylish tie-dye to wear during any season but they provide you with quality, as I have had one of these tie-dye pieces last me for too many years to count but you would never guess based on its shape. Below you can find two pieces from these two fav brands, Hard Tail and Vintage Havana, that you won’t want to miss out on!

Hard Tail:

Hard Tail Twisty Back Maxi Dress

This is the original tie dye brand– if you have never heard of hard tail and you love tie dye, then this is the brand for you, they have been selling tie dye patterns long before it came back in style! How do I know this? I bought this dress in another color but same exact style dress and years later, it is still being sold on here. And I can tell you this: it holds up SOOO well. It is now on sale too for only THIRTY dollars- which is definitely a third of what I bought it for years ago! This is a dress you need– so much that yes I bought it in a few different colors to (sort of) switch it up. Visit their website to see more on this dress and the other colors this pattern comes in, I have this one and the one listed below  and LOVE them!

Hard Tail Twist Back Maxi Dress (in Rainbow Lizard)

Same goes for this one, just a different color. Being that it is on sale for thirty, if it’s within your budget, I highly suggest taking advantage of this steal! Tie dye lovers know there can never be enough tie dye in the wardrobe, especially tie dye that can be worn on occasions that require more than just sweats and a t-shirt. Visit their website to see more on this dress!

Maddie Standing By the Water in a Tie Dye Dress

I love this Maxi from Hard Tail so much that I had to get it in two different colors!

Vintage Havana:

Vintage Havana Seabreeze Tie Dye Balloon Sleeve Crewneck

This is perfect for that spring into summer effortlessly beachy look! These colors look amazing on anyone- even if you aren’t someone who typically wears bright blues the balance of grey makes this a choice that anyone can pull off! This sweatshirt is also the perfect spring and summer find as it is super comfortable and loose enough to layer on summer evenings and also has a cute balloon sleeve that makes it effortlessly cute. I am wearing this style above but highly recommend checking out Vintage Havana’s website to see more detail! 

Vintage Havana Tie Dye Mesh Sleeve Hoodie

Nothing better than this combo for the spring and cooler summer nights! Not only is this a cute tie dye pattern but the mesh on the sleeve adds a nice subtle extra bit of style making it worth the purchase and one that will stand out from the rest! To see more detail about this must have hoodie, visit Vintage Havana’s website