What To Wear When Meeting the Parents for the First Time

July 6, 2022

Finding the right outfit to meet your partner’s parents can be hard. Check out this list of outfits so you know what to wear and make a good impression. 

At some point in every relationship, there comes a time when you’re faced with what will possibly be your scariest moment as a couple: meeting each other’s parents. Meeting the parents can be a source of relationship anxiety because no matter what, we know that the people we are about to meet will have a major influence on our relationship.

We want to be accepted and liked, especially when it comes to those who raised our significant other. 

So finding what to wear is a whole other story. On the one hand, you want to look like yourself and wear an outfit that makes you feel comfortable. But, on the other hand, you want to make a good first impression and look classy and poised. 

Last month, I had this what to wear moment while packing for my trip to Chicago to meet my boyfriend’s family. I knew that I would need to dress for a few different occasions, but I didn’t know what works for said occasions. So, after consulting my older sis, I put together some outfit ideas and tips to share with y’all when packing or prepping for that important meeting day.

Hopefully, this saves you some time and serves as a reminder to y’all that all of us get nervous and overthink this situation. But with the support of your partner and hopefully a stylish (comfortable) fit, you’ll feel at ease soon after the initial meet and greet and enjoy getting to know your significant other’s parents! 


Dark or Black Denim

When in doubt, wear some black jeans. Black jeans can achieve a dressed-up look with a dressy top/ blouse but can also be an in-between with a cute button-up cardigan or a casual sweater over a tank. 

The type of shoes you wear can also influence your ability to execute a dressy or casual look. 

Either way, black jeans are a must to pull from your closet when considering outfit options.  

I like flared jeans or straight black jeans for a classic look. But at all costs, avoid any torn/ faded/ ripped jeans even if they look not too noticeable–classic black jeans are always best. 

My favorite pair of dark denim at the moment are these Abercrombie Vintage Flare Denim. However, if it is summertime and long flare jeans feel too heavy, consider this cropped dark denim from Madewell. 


Midi Dresses

Midi dresses are a safe bet when it comes to dressier occasions. If you are meeting the parents for the first time over a dinner, choose a conservative cut midi dress and bring a dressy open cardigan or shrug with you. 

This isn’t just a tall girl fav for its long enough length, but it’s a great in-the-middle approach to dressing up rather than a short dress or a long maxi dress. Of course, an A-line midi dress always looks classy and cute! 


Midi Skirts

Midi skirts are always a good go for enough coverage and comfort! Plus, you can layer with a stylish top and cardigan! I love this for a day outfit to transition into evening wear with a darker or dressier top/cardigan! Check out my favorite tall girl midi skirts here that are perf for the summer and fall 🙂


Block Heels

Block heels are perfect for when you want to look classy without looking like you’re on your way to the club. You can’t go wrong with a classic pair from Steve Madden. My favorite everyday sandals are these block heels from Chinese Laundry


Cardigan/Denim Jacket 

No matter the occasion, having an extra layer is essential. The last thing you want to do is feel chilly during your first dinner. This is also perfect for summer outfits, you may feel that the camisole and jeans are already too hot for a summer’s day, but if you go indoors to a slightly dressier spot, you’ll be thankful you have an extra layer to cover your shoulder and to keep you warm. 

Depending upon the occasion, a denim jacket can be the perfect additional layer. Not only are these stylish and a great cover-up, but a midi skirt or dark denim can make your outfit seem more casual and be shed to make it slightly more dressy. 


Dainty & Classic Jewelry

Anyone who knows me knows I love piling on as much boho minimalist jewelry as I can to jazz up an outfit, but it’s always a good idea to tone down the bling when meeting the parents for the first time. So instead, opt for dainty and elegant pieces, like a simple gold necklace from Helen Ficalora (one of my fave jewelry designers!). Or choose an affordable piece of jewelry from your boho set and wear just one piece to it, like this long simple gold necklace from this boho set


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