What Cast To Watch Next After The Euphoria Season Finale

February 27, 2022
Image of Maddie Watching Euphoria

If you are like me, then you will be turning on HBO max to watch the season finale of Euphoria’s season the second it is available. If you are also like me then you will likely be in withdrawal after tomorrow nights episode is over and in major need of a new series to binge. Lucky for you, I have a few tv series that are both on HBO max and Hulu to help fill your time as you try to cope without your weekly Euphoria kick. While I can’t that these are similar to Euphoria (because let’s be honest have we ever had anything quite like Euphoria?!) these are entertaining series that can be found on both HBO max and Hulu (which lots of us Euphoria fans have) that have aired over the past few months that may have slipped past y’all while you hyper focused on the drama of Rue and her high school crew during season two. So, after what I am hoping is (and I am sure most everyone else is) an amazing, shocking, outstanding performance from our fav cast-  consider checking out one of these series to occupy your now vacant Sunday nights!


What Cast To Watch Next On HBO And Hulu After The Euphoria Finale:

  1. The Sex Lives Of College Girls– Much like how Euphoria deals with the growing pains of being in high school (even if most us can’t relate to the drama of this particular high school) this series explored the growing pains of being a young adult living on your own for the first time in college.  This series is great if you want something more lighthearted than Euphoria but still want an eclectic group of individuals to watch that are so vastly different but all have the common connection of being at the same stage in their lives (all four are college roommates). Despite the lightheartedness to this show, there is still plenty of drama and crazy college adventures to keep you fully entertained and wanting to binge watch the entire series in a night (which is what I did lol). Where To Watch: HBO Max
  2. Single Drunk Female–  This is a very underrated series in my opinion because if it hadn’t been for one very bored night flipping through hulu I would have never heard of this series. Thankfully, I gave it a try and became a fan instantly. Another series with a title that gives away the plot- this is a series about a twenty-eight year old girl who finds herself unemployed, moving back home to live with her mom and forced to stay sober to avoid legal troubles. Trying to start all over in her late twenties and doing so soberly- we watch many difficult but also funny and awkward moments that the main character goes through that keep us very entertained for thirty minutes and wanting more! Where To Watch: Hulu
  3. How I Met Your Father Okay Lizzie McGuire/ Hilary Duff fans- this is a show you must watch! As you can probably guess from the title this is a spinoff of the well known How I Met Your Mother series and stars Kim Cattrall and Hilary Duff as the main character, Sophie as she recounts and relives her singles years (in 2022) as a thirty year old living in an age where social media and dating apps rule the dating scene, which most of us can appreciate the struggle of it all. This series is great to throw on to entertain you for  a half an hour and while some of it can be cheesy the fact that we get to see a version of some sorts of Lizzie McGuire as an adult is enough to keep me watching.   Where To Watch: Hulu
  4. And Just Like That–  Another spinoff of a very very popular (one of my favorites) shows, Sex And The City, this series stars three of the four main characters who have remained besties, and still living and loving NYC. Despite the years of growth, the marriages, the kids, and the career changes that these characters have gone through since the end of SATC, these characters are still very much figuring it out while trying to navigate their fifties with many set backs, mistakes and uncertainties- which can be pretty reassuring for us young adults who think we need to grow up and figure our stuff out ASAP to see. Where To Watch: HBO Max

While these casts may be totally different form our beloved Euphoria cast, I hope that these characters provide you the entertainment and distraction you will be needing after the season finale of Euphoria 🙂 For more recommendations on what to watch, check out the entertainment section here