Five Stores To Shop For Affordable Tall Mirrors

March 3, 2022

As someone who happens to be 6’2.5 and happens to be a blogger- having a tall mirror is essential. While most stores carry tall mirrors that are long enough to fit most of my 74.5 inches into it (when standing far enough back), the challenge lies in finding ones that aren’t breaking the bank. The one thing that I quickly came to find out in my search for tall mirrors is that finding a mirror that is at least sixty inches tall and twenty something inches wide (preferably 25 inches or wider) can cost upwards of three hundred dollars! Recognizing just how expensive these tall mirrors can be, I decided to get busy researching and checking out different stores to compare prices in hopes to find a tall mirror that wouldn’t break the bank! So for all you young adults and adults who have no desire to break the bank investing in a vanity item but will invest for a reasonably priced tall mirror, you are just in luck as I am sharing with y’all the five stores that I have had success in finding tall affordable mirrors!

Five Stores To Shop For Affordable Tall Mirrors:

There are plenty of stores to shop for tall mirrors but finding a brand new high quality affordable mirror?! That’s another story!  Lucky for you, I took lots of time checking out the options at these major stores and found the most amount of variety for affordable tall mirrors at these fives stores so that you can easily find yourself that mirror to check your amazing self out in 😉


Of course, this list includes amazon. You may have to search around but it is always best to check and compare styles on big department stores with the same sized mirrors on amazon. As with all products on amazon you can find pretty much any and every style, the trick is to do a lot of searching and filtering to find the most affordable and then be sure to check the reviews in case there is a reason for the very affordable priced mirror.

At Home:

A few weekends ago, I dedicated a day to shopping around at nearby affordable home decor stores in hopes to spend less afternoons procrastinating online adding many non essential things to my shopping cart. While on my shopping day out,  this store (unfortunately) was the last store that I visited after having already purchased a tall mirror and I say unfortunately because on average these mirrors at At Home were about ten percent cheaper than the other affordable stores and offered the most amount of variety. My only concern that I will forewarn y’all of is that this is a store that is so hard to leave without at least ten other items that you never knew you needed (and probably don’t but with affordable prices will be easily convinced that you do!), it has quite literally every piece of decor in every single color and shades of color as well as all styles from beachy, boho, modern and everything in between!


Image of Maddie Standing in a full length mirror from target

A very raw morning mirror selfie pic! This tall mirror from target serves as a great bedroom mirror to check out the OOTD look or to plan what OOTD to pack for vaca 🙂

Home Depot:

I found my most recent tall sized mirror at Home Depot and have been loving it so far. For just about 100, I was able to find a mirror that measures nearly seventy inches and wider than twenty (which is hard to find these type of measurements for a mirror that cost less than $200). Unfortunately, patience is not one of my greater skills so I went to the store and picked from their decent selection in store but if you look online at these tall standing mirrors you will see just how great their selection is!


Depending upon how tall and wide of a mirror you are looking for, you may be just in luck with Targets tall mirror options. I say this because there is definitely a wide range in prices from affordable to the just plain expensive options you would expect at a very expensive home decor store. But for those who want a basic mirror to check your cute outfit in every day before work but don’t care much for the insta pics of your outfits in said mirror, you can find super cheap (I am talking like $7 cheap) semi full length mirrors to hang on your door for the most affordable option. But for those who want a tall mirror that can be used for both checking yourself perfect self out in, heels and all and get that occasional mirror pic in – there is a reasonably priced (under $100) tall mirror that I found for my bedroom that you can find here. It has held up perfectly and I love that it stands up on its own so that I don’t worry about it falling over and shattering or damaging my walls trying to hang it!

T.J Maxx:

If you are looking to shop in store and wanting to find a tall mirror ASAP, check out the T.J. Maxx near you. What I love most about their selection is that they offer a variety of designs outside of just your traditional black, white, silver, gold framed mirrors. I have seen plenty of tall mirrors with frames that would suit a boho style home perfectly and tons of different patterned frames.


I hope that this post helps guide you towards finding that brand new affordable tall mirror you are in search for!  For more on home products, check out style and decor here


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