Twin Baby Shower Recap + Baby Boy Shower Recommendations and Ideas

January 23, 2023

Two weekends ago, I had my twin boys’ baby shower. Simply put, it was the perfect day. My husband and I felt so lucky. Between the celebration, the time and effort spent putting into the shower, and the loved ones who traveled so far to be there with us, we were showered with so much love!       

Since it was such a success and a memorable day, I am sharing a recap and some baby shower ideas. From the typical baby shower traditions to the ones that were newer to me, I am sharing a recap and some of the baby boy shower ideas that stood out and made the day, even more, fun and special. For moms, consider taking some of these ideas for fun little activities for you and your guests to enjoy and have one special celebration! 

The Theme: 

Rather than focusing on a particular theme, the shower was more so focused on the colors; blue and green. Hence why I wore all blue, from my long tall maternity baby shower dress to the nail polish I chose, it was very on par with a traditional boy baby shower color scheme. There was an underlying theme of a coastal baby boy shower, given the location, the food options, the party favors, and the floral centerpieces that were much reminiscent of my roots – New England summer flowers!

The florals were mostly blue and white flowers with blue and green balloons as centerpieces, which was beautiful. My mom had asked me ahead of time about the balloons and in my opinion, you can never go wrong with balloons at a baby shower! We had a massive balloon centerpiece on the stairway that read “twins” in gold and the balloons were blue and green. This makes for an awesome backdrop for photos and of course makes the celebration that much more fun!

What We Ate

The Food was AMAZING. The party was catered by C.B.K Catering for anyone in the Tampa Bay area – highly recommended. They do the arrangements, setting up, food, centerpieces and styling. Being a pescatarian, the menu included salmon, quinoa salad, veggies, salads and then for non-pescatarians, there was a chicken option. For dessert, there were cake pops, fruit and an amazingly designed cake from the The Cake Girl, whose creations are beyond impressive.

Party Favors 

My mom got the cutest jewelry holders from Etsy that complimented the coastal baby boy shower! As pictured, these were a great idea for useful party favors that still complimented a boy shower theme, but were great gifts for all those attending. 

Fun Baby Boy Shower Ideas To Do During The Celebration: 

Include Your Nieces/Nephews In Gift Opening

We had a traditional type of shower as far as sitting down to eat, cutting the cake and opening gifts in front of everyone.  But what made the traditional activity of opening gifts in front of everyone was having my niece and nephew there to help open the gifts, which they loved doing!

Sign A Baby Book

While we opened gifts, we also passed around a book that came from the collection of books my mom had stacked up on the wall for the boys. This book was fitting as it is called “playtime for twins,” and we had everyone pass it around and write a note to the boys. That way when we read to them, we can also read all the special messages. This was a cute and meaningful way to commemorate the day and all our loved ones who were there that day. 

Guess The Baby’s Weight and Size 

After the presents, we had everyone write down their prediction for the twins’ weight and height. After everyone finished, my husband and I took turns reading them. We saved them to see whose guess ended up being the most accurate. It was fun and funny to read these out loud seeing the different guesses.

Have Your Closest Loved Ones Involved In The Special Day 

In addition to having these fun activities, what made this day special was having both my parents there, my husband, and my niece and nephew. It used to be that showers only included women, but I think that having your closest ones there makes it so much more fun and special.