The Thing About Pam And Other True Crime Mystery Shows To Watch On Hulu

April 18, 2022

It is crazy to me to think that we are a quarter of the way thru 2022! This year is flying by and while there are many factors that have contributed to just how quickly time is going by, entertainment has been one of those many reasons. On the nights where I finish work early and don’t have any plans to socialize- I revel in turning to the tv and entertaining my time with the latest series. I like to keep up to date on particular types of series and those tend to be true crime/mysteries. If you don’t already know, I am a huge mystery/ thriller enthusiast and there is no type of entertainment that keeps me quite as focused as a based on true series murder mystery crime series and coincidentally 2022 has been filled with lots of true crime series  especially on Hulu. So for those of you who anticipate having some time to sit down and binge watch a new series, here are the true crime/mystery Hulu series that should be on your radar to stream next.

The Best Hulu Crime And Mystery Shows To Watch So Far From 2022: 

The Thing About Pam: I just finished this show and have been recommending it to everyone. This is a crazy pretty hard to believe story based on true story of a women named Pam who murders her close friend and tries to frame the friend’s husband for it. It’s hard to believe and disturbing to see this women have zero remorse and continue to cause more hardship for the surviving relatives.

Tom & Pammy:  I thought this was just going to be a based off true events series on pop culture that wouldn’t be too memorable but I was wrong. In some ways this reminded me of Impeachment: American Crime Story (which you can also watch now on Hulu) because it is another nineties scandal that up until recently has received very little recognition for the damage and pain that was inflicted upon each of these women when their private lives were exposed to society and just how cruel the media was and still is (but not as badly as the nineties were) for women who don’t conform to the virgin trope. 

The Girl From Plainville:  This series is based off of the tragic events that happened in early 2010’s, when a teen boy named Conrad dies from suicide and it is revealed that his girlfriend (Michelle) encouraged him and even helped him plan his death.  This series goes back and forth between the events and the trial that occurs after  Conrad’s death and the development of the relationship between Conrad and Michelle leading up to his death.  

The Dropout: I think most of us have heard of Elizabeth Holmes by now but if you haven’t then now is the time to learn about who this woman is in this well done drama series. Just hearing the story would make you question her sanity but this series does an excellent job at portraying her and this unbelievable story of how one women could create a billion dollar healthcare company off of a model that is not possible and how she was able to keep the business alive for as long as she did before being caught. 

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