Good Mystery Beach Reads

April 10, 2022
Image of a book in the sand

With headphones in, sunscreen on, and toes in the sand, and nose in a good book- there is no feeling or self-care activity more relaxing and enjoyable. Ironically, the books I always reading the most from during beach days are indeed mysteries.  At any other time or place, you will typically find me nose deep in a the scariest of thrillers but when it comes to a beach day read, I will tone it down to an easy to read mystery. I prefer mysteries that are just mysterious enough to keep my interest and prevent me from falling asleep in the sun all the while not taking away from that full on chill mode that you want in an ideal beach day. So, for those of you looking for those in between mysterious, engaging beach reads- consider one of these that are a personal fav!

Good Mystery Beach Reads: 

Pretty Things by Janelle BrownIf you want an easy to read mystery with a little bit of thrill check out this other book written by Janelle Brown. This was a favorite of mine a few years back and I have been recommending it ever since. If you wouldn’t mind a  story that will make you slightly paranoid about social media and how much strangers can learn about someone’s personal life even from the most curated of social media accounts, consider this twisted story of revenge!  

The Last Flight by Julie Clark. Hold on for the ride of your summer! This thriller keeps you guessing the whole book. Two women switch plane tickets in the airports hoping that the new destinations will give them each a new start on life.

Malibu Rising by Taylor Jenkins Reed. Four famous siblings plan to throw an epic party, but family drama is unavoidable, leaving the family mansion up in smoke (literally). The story weaves in observations on family and some great actual advice on life.

It’s Always The Husband by Michelle Campbell. This is another easy beach read that won’t get you scared to disrupt your beach day but it’ll keep you hooked in and turning the pages. This story tells the twisted story surrounding three freshman roommates and the trouble they get into that haunts them for years to come.  

What are some of y’alls fav easy beach reads?! Any good mysteries?

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