The Best Brands To Shop For Jean Jackets

May 21, 2021
Maddie Outside In A Denim Jacket

DENIM– the fabric that has been loved since its inception and never goes out of style, so much so that it has its very own national holiday (fun fact)! This fabric is getting all the love and attention in the year of 2021 with jean jackets becoming more prioritized in everyday wear– with some even going for the denim on denim look with jeans and the jean jacket. Regardless of your opinions on the Britney Spears inspired full on denim outfit, chances are your jean jackets are collecting way less dust in your closet this year and way more time styled on your amazing self! For those of you who have felt like you needed a bit of a denim wardrobe update this year, specifically in regards to a good go to jean jacket, we are sharing with y’all some of our favorite brands and their collection of high quality, stylish denim jackets that will quickly become your fav staple piece! These collections are so cute and comfortable that you will want to style any spring/ summer outfit with these jackets!

Maddie sitting Laughing in a Zara Jean Jacket

Whether it is a casual night out, a date night or just day to day- these brands have you covered!

The Jean Jacket Brands We Are Just Loving:

KUT From The Cloth

        This brand excels when it comes to providing high quality, super comfortable and stylish denim. I can’t think of a softer denim jacket than the one I own from KUT From The Cloth! What’s even better?! They offer a classic cut in almost all of their jean jackets but offer variety when it comes to the prints and colors. This is a brand that offers you a staple piece that will work for any outfit, style, fashion trend you are looking to sport. You can’t go wrong with any of these as you know the quality of their jean jackets along with their classic cut will far outlast whatever fashion trends come and go. And as we think all brands should be in 2021, KUT From The Cloth makes all of their jean jackets in a range of sizes from xx small to xx large with some of their cuter styled jackets in up to 3x!

Free People

This brand is always a great go to for the boho chic babe! If you are looking for a stylish jacket to wear this season, definitely check out this collection as they will offer you the latest and greatest trends that are uniquely styled and tailored for the boho individual. While these styles are usually on par with what’s trending at the moment, I (Maddie) will say that I bought a jean jacket years ago from Free People and have kept it as a piece to go with for a very specific look and it works after all these years and seasons later. So if you truly are loving a piece from their collection and are okay with splurging, as Free People is pricey, we would say to invest in a statement piece that feels very you to rock throughout the years!


If you are looking for a cropped jean jacket, then look no further- Zara has got you covered! Zara offers a wide range of styles when it comes to their jean jackets but we are particularly fond of their light blue cropped jean jackets, as you can tell by the picture above. While the image above shows me (Maddie) in a light cropped jacket from many seasons ago, you can still find many jackets in a similar look on their website!