Tall Girl Fashion Tips: Tall Jumpsuit Hacks

October 17, 2021
Image of Maddie standing outside in a purple jumpsuit

Welcome back y’all for another tall girl fashion tip! For those of you who are new, I am a very tall (6’2 to be exact) girl who like most very tall girls struggles on the regular with that tall girl prob (tgp) of finding long enough well-fitted clothing! From struggling to find pants, dresses, skirts and even shoes long enough to fit my six foot plus self- I have taken to blogging about the best finds in hopes that it will help other tall beautiful long legged women find stylish clothing with just a little more ease! While I spend most of my blogging on tgp reviews of tall friendly brands, I have also started to write about tall girl fashion tips to help when those tall friendly brands aren’t as available to us but you want to still wear the cute clothes that only happen to be in regular sized lengths!  These tall girl fashion tips will hopefully help y’all and serve as more of a tall girl fashion hacks to help you get around those barriers that prevent y’all from being able to enjoy those cute clothing items you are looking to sport and add to your wardrobe.

Tall Girl Tips For Jumpsuits

When shopping and looking out for a tall jumpsuit- I have two tips that I typically stand by and look out for to find a suitable jumpsuit and while these may not work for everyone they can be at the very least some guideline to give you a way to sort thru those jumpsuit you are seeing online.

Tall Girl Tip #1:

Stick to loose fitted jumpsuits! When it comes to tight fitted and loose fitted jumpsuits I will only consider loose fitted and won’t even bother testing out the tight fitted. Why? Because the loose fitted almost always give some wiggle room to make do with length you are given. The loose fitted jumpsuits almost always give an extra inch or two than those too short in the body bodysuits and or one piece bathing suits we can’t manage to find in talls.  Additionally- the loose fitted don’t make the length look too cropped even if they are. Instead- you can make them look like a loose pair of cropped leg jumpsuit.  Plus- the loose fitted always seem to be extra flattering and lengthening which we may not need  but who can’t benefit from accentuating our tall figures?!

Tall Girl Tip #2: 

If you can- go up a size or two. Being that a lot of jumpsuits are loose fitted and that those are the best to go with for us tall girls, going up a size or two is less noticeable since the fit is already made to look loose! If the style is a loose fitted one- then I would say your best bet is to size up one or two and see if that gives you some extra length to work with on the midsection as we all know that the issue is finding a jumpsuit long enough!  The extra room can be used to give you extra length which is your best bet if you find a style that can be pulled off as flowy, loose and still stylish!

Tall Girl Tip # 3:

If you are looking through the options for jumpsuits- check to see if there are options with adjustable straps. If you don’t worry about needing the support in the chest, like me, then adjusting the straps can give you more wiggle room in both the body and shoulder inseam and and prevent that uncomfortable constricting feeling that you can get when clothing is too short for us.


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