Tall Girl Fashion Tips For Jeans

August 17, 2021
image of maddie wearing jeans at the beach

As with anything in life, being tall has its benefits as well as its challenges, particularly when trying to shop for some well-fitting clothing! From trying to find jeans that are long enough to shoe brands that supply a wide range in sizes- being a very tall girl (6’2 here) in quite as tall fashion world has its fair share of troubles which is what prompted me to start blogging about tall girl fashion and clothing in the first place with my Tall Girl’s Guide To Clothing posts.  While there are lots of brands expanding their sizes that I have covered and will continue to, I know firsthand that there are still limits to finding these tall friendly options and know just how frustrating it is to find out that that new style of denim that all your friends are wearing doesn’t offer a tall option, leaving you to your own devices to make due with what is out there and work with what little is given. Hence, why I am sharing tips and hacks to help the tall girl navigate the latest styles and trends and shopping experience with hopefully more ease and insight into the latest styles that work best and compliment your tall beautiful self!

Tall Girl Tips To Consider When Shopping For Denim:

Tall Girl Fashion Tip #1: 

Take advantage of today’s bootleg and flared styles….. even if they don’t offer talls.

Image of Maddie Taking a picture in tank and cropped jeans

Cropped jeans are in! Find out how you can make this style work to your advantage…..

If you don’t see your inseam or tall option available in those jeans you are dying for – opt for the regular sized full length jean and make it into your fav new pair of modestly cropped denim. Prior to this year, I felt appreciative for skinny jeans because I felt like I could get away with wearing jeans even if they weren’t reaching my ankles but alas- the best of both worlds have commenced and now flared/ bootleg (the much more comfy styles) are back in and cropped is in as well! So now you can purchase those regular sized or tall but fits a few inches too short still jeans and wear them as cropped flares or cropped straight jeans and not think twice about verging on the shants look! If I find a pair that are at least 31/32 inches- I know I can make them into a reasonable cropped pair of denim to style for summer, fall and spring looks!  

Tall Girl Fashion Tip #2:

When it comes to ripped jeans- precede with caution! I have found that even on tall pants- the rips never quite measure to where my knees hit- whether that is due to the fact that the jeans are already just too short for me or because I have longer measurements from the knee to hip than the proportions of that which they customized these tall jeans to! Either way, I now like to save myself the time, despite how cute the denim may look, and avoid the slightest of knee ripped jeans. It may be annoying but quite honestly- I don’t find myself missing out on this style too much!

Look out for more tall girl tips in the future and in the meantime- check out A Tall Girl’s Guide To Clothing for more tall girl content! 🙂