Self-Care Products Under Thirty

February 24, 2022
Image of Maddie practicing self-care

Whether it is simply going for a walk or it is signing up for that trendy new workout class or splurging for a full day at the spa, self-care can come in a variety of forms and costs. Some self-care requires nothing but yourself while others may require  quite the investment and while we would all love to opt in for lots of spa days as our main source of self-care, most of us (especially young adults) do not have the means to do so which leads us to our own devices to find products for our home that work for our budget and bring us joy in practicing self-care.   So whether you are looking for  products to create your own at home spa or you are looking for new ideas of products to try out to maintain a strong self-care routine, I am sharing my favorite finds under thirty that get the most use in my current self-care routine!Image of a candle and notebook

Self-Care Products Under Thirty: 

  1. Farm + Sea Candles: If you have visited my blog before, you probably know I am a huge fan of self-care candles. Candles are a part of my daily self-care routine opting for those scents that are reminiscent of fond memories, like the beach and summery smells that this brand offers. Plus, all of these small sized original scented candles happen to be well below thirty!
  2. Foldable Laptop Table – This has been one of the best amazon purchases made in 2022 and it also happens to be under thirty! After countless nights of moving to the couch for better comfort to write- i finally decided to invest in something that would allow me to do work in the comfort of my couch or even my bed for those really lazy nights! As someone who is 6’2, rest assured this gives you plenty of leg room to sit and move the way you want.
  3. Facial tools – If you missed my recent post, I reviewed my favorite facial beauty tools under thirty and these also double as a great self-care product because after all taking care of our skin is part of taking care of our health. Plus beauty tools like the gua sha has benefits that the Cleveland Clinic has supported related to circulation and healing.  As someone who uses this daily, I also find a more natural glow in my skin and enjoy giving myself a sort of facial massage from the convenience of my own home.
  4. Notebook – One of the most affordable self-care items on this list and one of the most critical in my opinion! This amazon top rated hard cover notebook is a great self-care product to purchase for you to journal and get your thoughts out onto paper. I do this when dealing with intense anxiety or on days where I just feel like I need to really process what it is that is giving my anxiety, whether it is regarding a relationship, a decision that needs to be made, or an upcoming transition- having a small notebook like this to travel and bring with you anywhere is a great idea!
  5. Gaim Yoga Mat – The Gaiam Yoga Mat can now be found for just under thirty. This cute stylish yoga mat is an affordable investment to add to your self-care collection at home and a very helpful product to creating your own at home workout space.
  6. HoMedics MassagerHoMedics makes a great mini massager that is not only very affordable but a great portable self-care products to have to help relax tense muscles and take care of you wherever you are.
  7. Monthly and Weekly Dry Erase Boards – These dry erase boards offer you the perfect self-care products to keep you stay on track for your goals, deadlines and just staying organized to minimize stress! I am someone who still likes to have visuals other than my computer and having dry erase boards helps me to do just that without wasting tons of paper or taking up to much room with long lists!

What are some of your favorite affordable self-care products?!

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