Pregnancy Journal | My First Trimester Pregnancy Symptoms With Twins Week By Week

November 1, 2022

Pregnancy symptoms can vary during your first trimester. That’s why I’ve put together a journal of my symptoms week-by-week to give you just an idea of what one pregnancy looks like with twins.


Change in sex drive, boob soreness, nausea, and fatigue are all symptoms that I, like many other women, have experienced in my first trimester. Now that I am a few weeks into my second trimester, it has become super apparent to me that there is a HUGE difference between the first and second trimesters. I can confidently say that in the second trimester, things get easier. 

During the first trimester, there is so much adapting, and adjusting as your body is working to create this little human – it is no wonder that we experience TONS of pregnancy symptoms. While every pregnancy will be different, I figured I would share my personal pregnancy journal of my week-by-week comparison to give moms a sense of what is possible and the differences between even just a week.


Weeks 1-4

Being that it was an unplanned pregnancy, these weeks were spent going about my routine, having zero idea that there was anything going on. The only indication of something happening was that I didn’t want my boobs to be touched. TMI, maybe, but in bed, I remember wanting zero attention in the boob department and not because they really felt that sore but because it just was a different feeling. Once we found out I was pregnant, my husband reminded me of this and then we put that aha moment together. 


Week 5

So at this point, I was suspicious of the fact that my period was late but I also came down with a brief sickness that made me (naively) think my period was late due to being sick. While I still think I legitimately got sick, I was feeling run down leading up to being sick which made me think that I was about to have a really bad period (the bad ones that come with that extreme exhaustion right before heavy cramps) but then nothing was coming. I had always been regular, so my suspicion grew, and then when I woke up in the middle of the night with night sweats, I thought something was up. By the end of week five, I took my test and found out I was pregnant. 


Week 6 

At this point, I knew I was pregnant and told my family. Everyone asked how I was feeling and I can vividly recall that the only symptom I felt was that my boobs were sore and needing a fan on my face as I slept. The night sweats were still a thing (and still continue to be). By the end of week six, I felt the fatigue slowly creep up. 


Week 7

AKA torture week, aka food aversion week. I felt blindsided heading into this week. I had ZERO nausea and then suddenly I woke up and felt disgusted by almost everything. I only wanted cold things, like salads, and if not salads, only crackers. I could not drink the sparkling water that I so heavily lived off of prior to pregnancy. Goodbye to my sweet tooth, and you can forget coffee! I didn’t throw up once but the intense disgust was torture enough and the unsettled stomach could barely be soothed. 

This was also the time that I started to fall asleep around 9 pm and kissed my night owl lifestyle goodbye. I felt as though my emotions left my body at this point because nothing really made me upset or overly excited, I experienced little anxiety even though I just found out about this life-changing event. I think looking back, it was the INSANE exhaustion that rid me of emotions. In addition to all that was going on, I began to experience slight cramping at this point that I would experience for the rest of the trimester on and off (I was told this was due to my uterus expanding and growing). 


Week 8 

Fatigue and food aversions continued. But by this week, I had adjusted and found the foods that worked well for my stomach. Check out my favorite pregnancy gluten-free friendly snacks here. The exhaustion increased and I could barely stay up until 9 at this point. Digestive problems settled in, aka constipation. Very quickly I learned that my body needed some sort of supplement to help regulate my digestive system. 


Week 9

Nausea and food aversions were still there but I was able to expand a little bit with what I could eat. I started taking pregnancy afternoon naps at this point to help with the fatigue. I felt very anti-social and had zero interest in any physical touch. I wanted to be left alone and was happiest doing my own thing and going to bed as early as possible. There is a lot of talk about pregnant women and sex drive and let me tell you – being pregnant with twins in my first trimester, sex was the very last thing on my mind to a point that I was beginning to experience slight anxiety that I had forever lost a sex drive. But, I was pretty emotionless and anti-social, so at the end of the day, I was happiest to be left unbothered. 


Week 10 

Fatigue is still fully there, and nausea slowly decreasing. Still, zero interest in physical touch and no sign of symptoms lessening or sex drive increasing. Boobs are still sensitive. 


Week 11

Not falling asleep quite as early but still equally as tired and in desperate need of naps. Boobs are sore. Less nausea and food aversions. 


Week 12 

This is the week that I got married and I can remember it vividly that the pregnancy symptoms started to shift. I had way less nausea and was less sensitive to the foods that I consumed. I felt my hunger grow increasingly. I still didn’t want to be touched a ton but it wasn’t quite like it had been in the weeks prior. Still required naps. The biggest change was the experience of bloating and gas. Of course just in time for a big week full of social gatherings. Ginger, water and lemon were all a necessity. I was also finally able to reintroduce coffee in small amounts and chocolate which I had not been able to consume since week seven.