Personalized Gifts For Grandparents

November 30, 2021
Image of a personalized stocking

When it comes to holiday shopping finding gift ideas for a wide range of ages can be a challenge. It can be easier to find gifts appropriate for your friends because you know what people around your age are into or at least what they could always use but when it comes to your loved ones who are significantly older than you it can be a challenge thinking of ideas that would be well-received and gifts that would be of actual use.  For those of you who are lucky enough to still have grandparents – we are sharing some gift ideas that can apply to a wide range of interests and needs to hopefully make your holiday shopping just a tad bit less stressful this season! Overall we say to remember to have fun and get creative in creating and finding personalized gifts that will put a smile on your grandparents faces because they were always the one who gave us the stuff our parents never would 😉  Have fun with these gift ideas and we hope you enjoy your holiday season shopping!

Gift Ideas For Grandparents

  • A Personalized Name Sign would be a great idea with all the grandkids names and birthdates listed on a unique framed sign they can hang in their home.
  • As mentioned in the holiday gifts for parents guide– a picture of you and your grandparent or a beautiful picture you took of the last time you were altogether or had a family reunion is the perfect memory to have framed!  Consider getting it printed onto a canvas or an elegant picture frame for your grandparents to always have with them.
  • We love this Gratitude Gift Box for the grands. Remind them of how grateful you are for them.
  • Customize a self-care box with some of our ideas here!
  • Personalized Throw Blanket – Who doesn’t appreciate a comfy cozy blanket?! Make it more personalized by adding their family name to the blanket or if they have been living in the same home most of your life think about getting them a personalized blanket with their homes ordinances on it.
  • Personalized Wood Sign With GPS Coordinates – If your grandparents have lived in the same home for as long as you can remember- consider gifting them a wooden sign with the longitude and latitude of their home coordinates. This makes for the perfect personalized home decor to gift this holiday season! Check out the options on etsy to get some ideas!
  • It is our experience on both ends that the best gift of all it truly time with our grandparents. Given the usual large age gap, our quality of time is usually what we will want more of and vice versa- especially when we are grown and flown and have less time than we used to as kids- so a gift certificate for something you can do together is always a welcome option. Ideas would be for food, spa treatments, or a day of shopping together.

We hope that you have fun shopping for your loved ones this holiday season- for more gift ideas check out our gift guides here